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distance healing

Blake - angel of revelationLong distance or remote healing is a technique used by many practitioners to work with someone who is not in their immediate physical vicinity. One well-known and recognized remote healing technique is called prayer.

how does distance healing work?  +-

Distance healing works first by understanding the oneness of everything. Einstein understood that energy is matter, and matter is energy. All matter is connected on the quantum level, where time and space cease to exist. In the quantum realm, unlike the linear world we see, everything is nonlinear and already exists as a field of possibility. Change is instantaneous in the quantum world, but may take some time to shift beliefs and behaviors in the observable world.

A way to understand quantum healing is that it involves healing one mode of consciousness, the mind and our thoughts, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, the body. It is beyond our mind’s ability to grasp the “how” of what is possible. Transformational healing becomes available as we trust the union between our human self and the Divine Self in creating a blueprint for our life beyond our wildest dreams.

who can benefit from distance healing?  +-

Distance healing can be sent to anyone or any situation, including world leaders, world crisis or to the Earth and Her natural disasters. Belief in any religion, theology or system is not necessary by either the sender or the receiver, as the quantum world is a neutral conduit.

what to expect in a distance healing session?  +-

Each professional practitioner has his or her own process and way of working, but each one is trained to enter, and help the client enter, a combined focused consciousness level.

Usually the practitioner checks in with you by phone, Facetime or Skype, listens to current concerns, sets goals together for the session, and visualizes your physical environment.

Some practitioners keep the physical line open, some disconnect it, while they focus on you, tune in, and transmit and receive information between your energetic quantum fields just as they do when working in person.

When the session is complete, the practitioner will re-connect with you and do a traditional check-out – sharing what they did, what they learned, and any other information that will deepen and support your healing process going forward.