au soleil mission statement

Au Soleil Healing is an intentional community centered around a spiritual holistic health center. Our mission is to be a community of unity, wholeness, and transformation that offers a wide array of healing modalities to people of all faiths and walks of life. We provide a sacred space and place for fellow travelers to explore their unique spiritual path, and for our locally, nationally and internationally known practitioners to collaborate and help transform lives in the deepest way possible.

Within a safe, accepting, fun, comfortable, reverent, and respectful atmosphere, people of all ages can explore online health and well-being resources, learn more about, and contact practitioners, obtain certifications, and search for special events in their area.

Singles, families, teens, elders…all are welcome.  There is something wonderful and life transforming here for everyone.

au soleil vision statement

Our intent is to serve a community that recognizes Universal Oneness, and thereby respects the diversity of individual spiritual practices and paths of achieving wellbeing, while maintaining top standards of excellence in the services and life-changing events that we offer.

The individuals in our community – practitioners, clients, and staff – bring their own light into the Circle and radiate it back out into the larger world, creating an energy and a legacy that lives on even as the structure of Au Soleil Healing, Inc. may change over time.

Beyond our online presence, the majority of our practitioners have a their own physical workspace and are integral members of the communities in which they reside.  We have access to other physical spaces as needed and envision acquiring a communal space within the next two years that is voted “The Best Healing Center on Boston’s North Shore” and affectionately referred to as “Kripalu East.”  We continue to hold space for the full vision and development of the property in Colorado. All of our Centers’ reputations are on par with The Chopra Center.

We grow from the vision of our founder Janeen Barnett, supported by the Founders’ Circle, extending to our Practitioners, Associate Practitioners, Guest Presenters, and Members as we walk this journey together.