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Janeen on MountainEvery Being has a story. As we guide our bodies through life, so we must heal ourselves constantly, rebalancing and realigning with our center in order to function sustainably, peacefully, and efficiently, both internally and externally. The narratives and the actors are different, but they all contain elements of injury. Experiences of pain and trauma can lead us to a space where the possibility of health and wholeness seem far out of reach; where even foundations such as hope and faith are in short supply. We might end up in a place where prayer may be the only known step to take and only the beginning of our transformation. As a willingness to change and embrace our power takes hold, we practice affirmation and direction in the effort to fully manifest our inherent Potential.

Following a confession that I could not go on any longer, there came a midnight-mass vision of Divine Grace and Unconditional Love. The most mystical experience of my life instigated a practice of positive action to turn myself around from all that was negative. Thus I began my journey back toward the Light. No matter how small it might seem at first, a single step in a new direction can precipitate change on a greater level.

Functioning as a young mother of three, and wife to an international representative for a start-up company became my full-time devotion for 18 years, almost straight out of college. In many ways this was a time in which I put my own self on the backburner and brought my role of matriarch into full focus. It was also a professional choice to postpone the scientific career that I had been working towards in support of that of my husband, helping to keep our close-knit family together while moving all the while to follow his opportunities. When my eldest left for university I began to ask for guidance in renegotiation of my daily life and responsibilities. As a family we had also made the decision to stay put for a while, settling on the North Shore of Massachusetts after living abroad in Europe for some time.

Inspired by my desire to work with the chronically ill, I was advised to obtain a license to touch people, affirming my training and character. I chose massage as the vessel to be certified through. In these studies I learned a new discipline of health and a new language of spirituality, investigating also the body of scientific evidence. As a scientist at heart and in training I could easily understand why releasing tight muscles could benefit the body. However, through exchanging work with other students it became undeniable that there was more depth and power to massage than I had originally thought. The shifts I noticed in my body and outlook on life led me to new conclusions and questions about complementary medicine.

In order to graduate I was required to take an Energy modality class, particularly Polarity Therapy. Due to my highly scientific worldview, I entered my first day of class completely skeptical, and even angry, that I had to waste my time and money taking a class in “voodoo medicine”. After about six weeks I began to see the deep healing that was taking place, for myself and for the other students. This was not just healing on a physical level, but on every level; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. I had an epiphany that Energy work is scientific-based when approached from an understanding of Physics. Suddenly, a whole new understanding of being opened up to me and I felt that I had found my Life Purpose. I had always been able to find and release painful areas of the body, and I had always been a deeply Spiritual person, connecting with the Divine from a young age, and now I was integrating both sides of myself into a Whole Being.

I am extremely grateful for the amazing care-givers and colleagues encountered and involved in my journey thus far. The group of teachers, clients, and fellow body workers that make up my professional circle on the East coast has given a new meaning to community; they are professional, highly gifted, and spiritually-minded practitioners of holistic medicine. Experiencing the deep healing that can take place when we join forces and exercise the true power of complementary practice inspires me to combine our resources and offer these opportunities for Wholeness to the world. Considering that most of us work independently, this cooperation is ever more important and begs the addition of a Center. In founding Au Soleil Healing it is my intention to offer a space in which this collaboration can happen. Being already a part of a worldwide network, this space is not limited to the East coast, hence its inception as a virtual connection point. Before the full vision of this can come to fruition, I first had to make a pilgrimage in celebration of the 20-year milestone since my own first steps toward the Light.

wpid-20130713_113007.jpgAnd so it was, seen as the end of a chapter in my own narrative, that I walked the historic pilgrimage route along the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances) across Spain starting on June 3 and ending on July 13, 2013.  I intended to honor what had been good and clear in the past, and the people who supported me in all these major transformative shifts, and I hoped to leave behind all that was non-essential, or no longer served me.  It was an historic and epic journey, everything I hoped for and nothing I expected, and at the conclusion I opened the next chapter of my life, a chapter that includes founding the Au Soleil Spiritual Holistic Healing Center community.