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au soleil core values

We respect that everyone has a story. It forms who we think we are at any point in time.  The ego, which houses “our story,” helps us navigate in this world and protects us at some levels.  It’s limitation, however, is that we end up thinking that our lives as we perceive them through our ego are absolute and the truth about who we are.

The reason spirituality is so important is that it gives us a different perspective and a way to “seek the real truth” about our lives.  By accessing our deep self, seeing the limitations of our beliefs and patterns, and healing past emotional trauma, we have the ability to remember who we truly are, revise and change.  Creating a sacred “space and place” that allows people the ability to open up to go through this process is the core of what we do.

Our Guiding Principles and Values are represented by the image of a Circle of Light, and are based on the qualities related to the Chakra system practiced by Eastern philosophies. Together, each Practitioner, Team Member and Client, brings his or her unique inner light into the Circle’s sacred space. From this place of unity and wholeness, we walk in the light, using the Guiding Principles, and bring healing and transformation to the larger world.

7 Humility

6 Wisdom

5 Truth

4 Love

3 Charity

2 Hope

1 Faith

The foundation of our community is based on energy healing, spirituality and understanding the science behind it. Our Intention for this Center is as important as the Attention we bring on a daily basis to turn our vision into reality.