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body listening

your body will greatly reward you when you listen to it and take care of it  +-

“If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within.  If the inner world is to be transformed, it must be understood in the light of the outer forces that shaped it.” – Dr. Anodea Judith

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Body Listening (also called Body Whispering or Body Interpreting) is the healing art of listening to and speaking with the body through your hands, hearts, third eye, gut or intuition so that the body may relax and restore itself. Its needs – whether a “pick me up” or a “let me down and settle” – are interpreted, then fulfilled in the form of healing touch, massage therapy, pressure point therapy, somatic therapy, aroma therapy and/or energy therapy.

When the body is deeply listened to, it can relax into balance, calm peaceful spaciousness and strength.

what is a body listener?  +-

Within our daily lives, we often forget to listen to the body’s cues, which increases our stress and tension, and make it difficult to discern what is going on within ourselves. Yet when a body is heard with total honor and respect, it can establish or re-establish its own balance, creating movement on an every level, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

A body listener can hear the frequencies and vibrations emanating from a body through the use of hands, heart, third eye, gut or intuition that “hear.” Picture water in a stream flowing around a boulder. Now picture the river flowing around a rock, then a pebble. Each of these scenarios create different sounds, just as different energies in the body do. Picture a huge alarm bell on the wall going off incessantly – this is another type of sound that could be heard coming from a body. Picture pounding feet on pavement making a louder and louder and faster and faster noise. This sound vibration indicates the condition of the body. Picture the sound of a piece of tumbleweed skipping over a patch of desert sand. That specific sound and vibration gives a clue to how a body feels.

A body listener is able to hear these sounds, without any type of judgment, and shift them into the simple peaceful thrum of a heartbeat or the even flow of waves coming into the shore and going out. To assist this shift, the body is spoken to gently, with continual reassurance, so that the messages coming from the stressed parts, shouts of “faster, faster” or “louder, louder,” can completely subside. Depending on what the body needs, it is then respectfully invited to:

  • Renew and resuscitate itself
  • Re-balance itself
  • Find its own stamina and endurance
  • Clear patterns of holding
  • Release aches and pains
  • Enable more strength
  • Increase physical stability, which enables greater mental and emotional empowerment.

Once the body is listened to, it can drop its hyper-vigilance and allow itself to breath more deeply and freely.

A body listener is skilled in creating:

Safety – a sacred and safe space, peace and a sense of equanimity
Functionality – Relieve pain, restore and maintain function
Stability – Allow and aid body to re-define stability, improve musculature, strength, and energy restoration
Refreshment – Re-inspire, revitalize, refresh attitude, and improve quality of life

what techniques are used in body listening?  +-

Body Listening can include:

  • In depth talk session, establishing rapport on all levels with the client and their body
  • Massage therapy
  • Pressure point therapy
  • Somatic therapy
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Tui-na
  • Swedish massage
  • Polarity
  • Zero balancing
  • Hot stones
  • Salt and/or sugar scrubs
  • Aroma therapy with selected personalized HEBBD Essential Oils
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic healing
  • Quantum healing

Relaxation and inspiration are the key.

what are the benefits of body listening?  +-

The intent of body listening is to hear and interpret the body’s needs to:

  • Prevent injury
  • Promote health
  • Improve fitness
  • Increase wellness in the entire being –  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
frequently asked questions about body listening  +-

Can anyone hear what the body is saying?

The answer is an emphatic YES! We all have the ability to hear and respond to what our body needs, however some people might be able to hear a body more quickly than others. There are “degrees” of hearing. Practice is most important. And the more a mind quiets, the better your hearing. Sometimes it is easier to start by listening to someone else’s body so you don’t get bogged down in your own mental chatter, which inhibits your ability to perceive what your body is saying.

What do most bodies have to say?

The majority of bodies are concerned that they are NOT listened to in most ways. As a society, we tend to rush and push ourselves over our limits through not sleeping enough, not eating well and not creating time to rest or relax through “do absolutely nothing time.” We ask bodies to do a lot for us without repaying them in return. Often we make agreements with them, and then break them such as when we need to fulfill a deadline. We’ll say to ourselves, “If you just get this done, then we can take a break and relax.” Yet the majority of time, the promised “quiet time” passes again and again. Bodies appreciate being respected and being taken care of gently. They can give more of themselves when they are truly honored.

How often should one go to body listener?

If you feel out of sorts or can’t quite put your finger on what is troubling you, then assistance through body listening is helpful. You can re-establish clearer communication with your body, becoming more in tune with it, and better able to proceed forward in life.

What can one expect after a body listening session?

The most often heard comment after a session is “I feel such a sense of soothing relief!” All is well. And there is a deeper knowing that all will be well.

history of body listening  +-

The art of body listening has been here since the beginning of time. Too few have been aware of it, and now the time has come to pay more attention to our bodies. The time is now. The consciousness of all is rising and many more will understand this healing art. The point of power is in the moment.

To quote Dr. Anodea Judith, an author, therapist, and public speaker on the chakra system, BodyMind, somatic therapy, and yoga:

“Few people live in ashrams with leisure for the contemplative life.  Instead, most of us live fast-paced lives, full of complex challenges.  We meet these challenges through the veil of enormous emotional wounds that compromise our aliveness.  We live in a culture in which compromise is taken for granted.  To heal this rift, many of us have been working on ourselves for decades, undergoing the journey to heal ourselves and find our life’s purpose, the journey of individuation and awakening.

If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within.  If the inner world is to be transformed, it must be understood in the light of the outer forces that shaped it.”

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