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guidance, accountability & encouragement for your business  +-

A business coach helps you and your business not just survive, but thrive.

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Do you feel “stuck” or overwhelmed in your business? Are you earning your full potential? Does you business match your values and passion? If you are unable to envision a clear direction for yourself or your company, are fuzzy about your goals, need a partner to hold you accountable, or need information and guidance to grow your business to the next level, then a business coach is a perfect fit for you.

what is business coaching?  +-

A business coach, often called an executive coach, is a professionally trained coach with a background in small business issues who oversees, assists and guides you in developing, starting, and growing your business. A business coach helps you clarify your business goals and objectives and helps you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. Your business coach can help you with your sales, marketing, branding, management, team building or any other facet of your business to help you and your business thrive.

Increasingly many heart-based entrepreneurs seek guidance from business coaches to align their passion, values and spirituality with their business’ goals.

By working with a business coach, you can:

  • Work smarter for peak performance
  • Learn effective methods or skills more quickly than you would have by yourself
  • Realistically assess where you are and how to improve
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses and help you focus on what you do best
  • Assess needs, brainstorm ideas, and help you plan to make needed changes

Consider working with a business coach if you are looking for:

  • Better focus: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re juggling so many different things at once. A business coach helps you see the big picture and then focus on the specific areas that need your attention right away.
  • Crystal clear goal setting: Setting goals is a critical part of running a business that is often overlooked. You have to have a clear understanding of exactly what you want to achieve before you can formulate a plan. Business coaching helps you think more strategically to see how every move you make puts you one step closer to your goals.
  • More accountability: This is a big one for most business owners. In addition to helping you set your goals, a good business coach will hold you accountable for following through on the things you need to do to achieve those goals.
  • Fruitful brainstorming: It can be difficult to see all of the different ways to tackle a problem by yourself. A business coach is a great sounding board and a creative thinker who always has ideas you may have never considered.
  • Personal development: Business coaching is instrumental beyond just growing your business. The skills you learn and knowledge you gain help you grow as a person as well.
  • Experience: An experienced business coach has seen it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly. You simply can’t discount the wisdom that comes from years of working with so many different types of companies and business owners from all walks of life.
  • Improved profitability: Many businesses using business coaches see growth yearly – even during recessions. Without business coaching you probably wouldn’t have been able to adapt as well and as quickly to the constantly changing dynamics of the economy.
  • Smarter financial planning: Running the numbers is often one of the most challenging parts of running a business. A business coach can help you with everything from developing a budget to pricing new services. You can ask your business coach a financial question and be confident that you’re making a smart decision for your business.
benefits of business coaching  +-

Your Business Coach:

  • Helps you look at the big picture of business and life
  • Assists you in balancing your personal with your business life
  • Guides you in enhancing your business skills and intellectual development
  • Encourages and motivates you, building your sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Provides candid feedback to you about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps you identify business opportunities
  • Helps you through the transitional periods in starting and growing a small enterprise
  • Is experienced in identifying and solving the issues facing small businesses, particularly in the areas of small business in which you are seeking assistance; able to offer guidance on the resolution of the issues you are facing
  • Links you with professionals and organizations that can assist you in solving problems
  • Listens to the problems you are facing, helps you set goals and develop a plan, and requires you to carry out and implement your plans.
types of business coaching  +-

Typically, business coaches work in one of the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing & Promotional Planning
  • Branding
  • Website, Program, & Product Content Creation
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Goal Setting/Business Plans
  • Leadership Development
  • Systems Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Exit Planning / Succession Planning.
frequently asked questions about business coaching  +-

Who works with a business coach?

Entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, owners of small to medium sized businesses, creative people, healers, managers, and professionals all reach their business goals with the help of a business coach. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business, there is room for business coaching.

Do we meet virtually or in person?

Your business coach meets with you on a regular basis, either in person or over the telephone or via the internet, to discuss the current and future business issues you are facing. This structure keeps you and your business on the track you have set — continuously moving forward toward your goals and objectives. The results are that you experience clarity of what success means to you, and the means to create success.

How much time and money do I have to invest in business coaching?

Business coaching costs for non-corporate clients are typically $350-$1,000 a month (depending on services provided) from an experienced coach. This includes 2-4 sessions (for a minimum of 3-6 months) delivered by phone or in person.

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