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Frequently Asked Questions about Au Soleil Healing

What is Au Soleil Healing?

Au Soleil Healing, Inc. is a sacred space and place where people of all faiths and walks of life can come together to explore their unique paths of wholeness and well-being in a reverent and respectful atmosphere.  Au Soleil Healing provides a meeting place for all, is a health and well-being resource for the entire Au Soleil community, and supports our professional holistic health practitioners through the services we provide for them.

Do you take insurance?

Each of our practitioners are independent business owners who have their own protocol, rates and services, and payment policies. Whether or not they accept insurance is listed on their individual profile pages. Find a practitioner who accepts insurance.

How do I find the right practitioner for me?

At Au Soleil Healing, we know that finding the right professional at the right time can be a difficult, confusing, or time-consuming ordeal. That’s why we do the screening for you through our application process – you can be assured all of our practitioners hold themselves and each other to the highest standards.  We have all agreed to abide by our Shared Code of Conduct, and uphold our Core Values.

In addition, our practitioners understand the nature of healing to be that each one of us knows our own body/situation the best and that we already have the answers inside ourselves to make the best decisions for our health & well being. We encourage you to use your own intuitive decision making process, but if you have little or no experience in intuitive decision-making, we recommend this activity to help you.  Or give us a call at 781-228-0088 and yell help!

How do you pronounce Au Soleil and what does it mean?

Au Soleil (ō sō – lay) literally translated from French means “in the sun.”  As the sun is our light during the day, it can be a symbol of being awake, and separated from darkness; we stumble less on our journey when we have light to walk in.  Au Soleil as the company name, and “Walk in the Light” as our motto were chosen with this wider symbology in mind.  In addition, it is a nod to the Founders story and mission in creating the company, and the important pieces of it that took place in French-speaking Switzerland.

How do you choose your practitioners?

As an intentional community, anyone who wishes to become an Au Soleil Practitioner or Presenter goes through a thorough application process that includes personal interviews, verification of credentials, and a criminal background check. They must resonate with our Core Values, meet certain requirements and professional standards to be accepted, and agree to abide by our shared Code of Conduct and Conflict Resolution document.

What are the benefits of joining Au Soleil Healing as a non-professional member?

  • Be part of an intentional community that resonates with your own life mission and vision
  • Receive personalized notice of discounts and specials or upcoming special events such as workshops, retreats, classes, and worldwide travel programs that may interest you
  • Know you’re not alone when life gets messy – have access to a trusted network of integrative and holistic health professionals when you need them most
  • Gain unlimited access to online health and well-being resources including blogs about life and spirituality, recipes, general information, online seminars, or tele-classes
  • Have fun sharing your own jokes and stories

What are the benefits of joining Au Soleil Healing as a professional practitioner?

  • Be part of an intentional community that resonates with your own life mission and vision
  • Online presence on our website, blog, and social media, as well as access to our collective email database
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) online marketing tailored to your clients and field, within the power of a larger spiritual holistic healing center and community
  • Online ability to schedule private sessions and group events and securely accept credit card payments
  • Supportive feedback through the wisdom and resources of peers
  • Opportunities to reduce your expenses through our website hosting package and email client list hosting company
  • Optional client forms to support your business’s organization.

How did Au Soleil Healing begin?

Au Soleil Healing was originally the idea of Practitioner Janeen Barnett (read her story), then supported and co-created by 4 colleagues  (Meghan Gilroy, Donna Margot Housh, Kristin Hovanec, Nancy Carlson) who personally know and respect each other, to become the current spiritual holistic healing center structure and foundation. Along the way, Janeen has been supported both professionally and personally by many friends, family members and other professionals. We invite anyone who meets our requirements and standards of professionalism, and resonates with our Mission and Vision, to join us as a practitioner or presenter.