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intuitive decision making process

At Au Soleil Healing, we believe that each one of us is in charge of our own healing. As holistic well being professionals, our goal is to support you in finding the information you need and empower you to make the best choice for yourself. Instead of giving out advice, we ask helpful questions to guide your decisions and trust your own instincts.

While you might feel confused or overwhelmed at finding the right path for yourself, your BodyMind innately knows how you can regain health and well being. We suggest using an intuitive technique in your decision-making process, such as the one below. Learning to listen to your intuition is a practice; so give yourself the time to explore all your options if you do not receive an immediate answer.

using the process to make any decision  +-

1)   Find a place as free from distractions as possible, and close your eyes. Take three breaths, as slowly and deeply as possible, focusing your attention on the breath going in all the way to your toes and back out again.

2)   Now think of something that you enjoy such as petting an animal, looking into the eyes of your partner or child, or taking a bath. Tune into your abdomen and/or heart area and focus on how it feels. That feeling is expansion.

3)   Now think of something that makes you stressed or upset, such as too much to do, being late, or sitting in traffic. Tune into your abdomen and/or heart area and focus on how it feels. That feeling is constriction.

4)   Expansiveness generally = yes and Constriction generally = no.

find your specialty, practitioner or event/program  +-

Go to the Au Soleil homepage and look at the category list.

  • Do any of the topics seem to jump out at you?
  • Do you feel drawn to some and not others?

If not, let’s take them one by one.

  • Do you feel constriction, expansion, or nothing when you read the first title? You may need to close your eyes and really focus on that abdomen/heart area to recognize it. Write down what you feel for each one so you don’t lose track.

If you feel expansion, look at the subcategories (click on the category topic to open the subcategories). Go through the same process:

  • Do any stand out?
  • Do you feel drawn to some and not others?
  • What do you feel when you read each one?

Once you have a list of categories that interest you, you can go to the “what we do”, “who we are”, or “events” pages and continue to explore the feelings of expansion and contraction as you look at the Practitioners photos and read about their expertise, or when you explore our event listings. Each Practitioner also has their own profile page where you can get to know them better. Pay attention when you receive a “yes” feeling from your BodyMind. This is your way forward.

confirming you're on the right path.   +-

Using the intuitive decision making process, try going to the individual pages under “what we do”, “who we are”, or “events” page(s), or visit the profile page of the Practitioner you’ve chosen.

  • How does it feel when you read that information or look at the photos?

If it feels constrictive, try looking at some of the other photos or information.

  • Are there any that bring a feeling of expansiveness?

You may find a few options that receive a “yes” from your BodyMind, and that will start you on your healing journey.