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intuitive readings

receive a message from spirit just for you  +-

“As within, so without, as above, so below.” – Hermes Trismegistus

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Whatever we experience in our external world – in our relationships, career, home or health, is a reflection of our internal process. Our innermost thoughts and feelings inform what we say, do and create in the world around us. In addition, what we are experiencing here on earth is a reflection of what is happening above and around us in the larger Cosmos. Intuitive Readings is one avenue that helps us understand that relationship more clearly.

what are intuitive readings?  +-

Intuitive Readings can take many forms, because the practitioners who offer them have special abilities that allow them to tune in on an intuitive level in many different ways. Different types of data and messages are perceived or received, as the client and situation need. The practitioner may have innate or learned intuitive gifts and ways of seeing, feeling or hearing different frequencies, vibrations, wavelengths or dimensions, or an ability to recognize emotional, energetic, global or cosmic patterns.

This can manifest as an ability to:

  • See or hear loved ones or pets who have passed on
  • Help find a lost person or pet
  • Receive messages in various forms from Spirit guides, angels, messengers, the heavenly host or other beings
  • See auras
  • Listen to messages from the body about physical or emotional ailments and/or problems
  • Recognize soul purpose and patterns
  • Tap into past lives
  • Identify energetic attachments causing physical or emotional pain in this lifetime.

Some practitioners use tools to help them in their seeing or listening, including cards (Tarot, Angel, Unicorn, Faery, etc.), prayer and meditation, their own hands, heart, mind or gut, belongings of the person they are trying to connect to, crystals, incense or sage, organic matter such as feathers, or astrology charts – almost anything can be used to aid in the receiving and interpreting of intuitive data.  Ancient medical traditions recognize and teach pattern recognition and assessment tools such as pulse reading and iridology; some practitioners of ancient traditions still use mind-expanding plants.

benefits of intuitive readings  +-
  • Often provides an immediate breakthrough of a problem or answers a question
  • Gives guidance as a way forward when we feel stuck, fearful or angry
  • Offers an explanation for our mental, emotional or physical state, allowing us to stop resisting or realize we’re not alone
  • Encourages us in times of unrest, upheaval, loss or change
  • Clears out the old so we can welcome the new
  • Helps resolve re-occurring issues or challenges, including ones from past lives
  • Affirms and validates what we already “know”
  • Answers questions on a deep level.
types of intuitive readings  +-

Types of Intuitive Readings and ways information is received:

  • Past Life Reading
  • Card Readings, including Tarot, Angel, Faery, Unicorn, etc.
  • Psychic Reading
  • Palm Reading
  • Body Listening
  • Shamanic Ritual and Healing
  • Medical Intuitives
  • Kinesiology or Muscle Testing
  • Medium, Mediumship
  • Energy Healing
  • Astrology Readings
  • Quantum Healing
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Dream Interpretation
what to expect in an intuitive reading  +-

Each respected professional provider of intuitive readings has their own way of working.  They will communicate this directly to you, and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

frequently asked questions about intuitive readings  +-

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No. We know that animals perceive the world differently than we do, able to hear or see different frequencies of sound or light, or sense natural disasters or changes in the weather before they happen. We are learning that humans can and do have the same ability to perceive more than we think we can.

I’ve never had one, and I’m afraid the practitioner will know or share very personal information.

As in any other healing session, you innately know exactly what you need. Only the information you are ready for will be revealed to you.

Any ethical practitioner who does intuitive readings will have developed a way of sharing information with you that is neither harmful nor scary. If they are doing readings in a public space, they will have developed a way to share without releasing any personal information, or they may pull you aside later if they perceived something they feel is too personal to share in a group setting. There are many levels of practitioners available; it is imperative that you do some research into finding the right one – ask friends for referrals, look for public reviews, media interviews or shows from trusted sources, and most of all, trust your gut instinct.

Why do intuitive readers charge for their services?

Most reliable practitioners of intuitive readings consider themselves professionals within their field. They are usually trained in other specialties or modalities, or by respected teachers in their traditional lineage. Professionals are paid for their services.

history of intuitive readings  +-

Intuitive Readings are as old as mankind. Every culture has a written or oral history of dream interpretation, prophesy, or other communication with Gods and Goddesses as part of their cultural, religious and secular experience.

All Au Soleil Healing Practitioners, regardless of their Specialty or Modality, agree to abide by our Shared Code of Conduct.