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We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a Practitioner with Au Soleil Healing, Inc!

You will find all the information you need to submit your application below.

We are here to support you in this process and begin developing our relationship together, so please feel free to reach out to us at any time at email or call 781-228-0088.

what is au soleil healing?  +-

Au Soleil Healing is an intentional community centered around a spiritual holistic health center. Our mission is to:

  • be a community of unity, wholeness, and transformation
  • offer a wide array of healing modalities to people of all faiths and walks of life
  • provide a sacred space and place for fellow travelers to explore their unique spiritual path
  • encourage and support our practitioners to collaborate and help transform lives in the deepest way possible

Beyond our online presence, our practitioners work in, and serve, their local communities.

what are the benefits of joining au soleil healing?  +-

The Au Soleil Practitioner Community is known for our excellent reputation; we are open-hearted and generous in spirit, and are seekers on our own path. When you join Au Soleil Healing, you are surrounding yourself with a supportive network of cooperative like-minded and like-hearted experts and tapping into a host of resources including:

Benefit Guest
Online presence on our website, blog, and social media, as well as access to our collective email database
Search engine optimized (SEO) online marketing tailored to your clients and field, within the power of a larger spiritual healing center and community
Online ability to schedule private sessions and group events and securely accept credit card payments
Optional client forms to support your business’s organization.

* If you are going to present regularly please apply as a Practitioner or Associate Practitioner.

how much does it cost?  +-


  • Hold the Au Soleil Healing Vision and are invested in Au Soleil’s success
  • Active, experienced, and credentialed in their field for a minimum 3 years
  • Have an established client base and are known for their excellent reputation
  • Use Best Client Practices in their field.
Associate Practitioners
  • Understand the Au Soleil Healing Vision and believe in Au Soleil’s success
  • Have completed the training or credentials for their field
  • Are gaining experience and a good reputation, and are developing their client base
  • Have less than 3 years of experience and/or practice less than 8 hours/month
  • Engage in additional support and mentoring from ASHI, and complete additional ASHI training as required.
Guest Presenters
  • Resonate with the Au Soleil Healing Vision
  • Have completed the training or credentials for their field, with excellent reputation and client base
  • Intend to offer a maximum of 1-2 classes/trainings/programs or events through the Au Soleil website or rented space over no more than 6 calendar days per year.
  • Agree to uphold Au Soleil’s legal agreements, principals, and values.
case-by-case basis

* Please refer to our Practitioner Agreement for specific benefits. You will receive the Practitioner Agreement after you have applied and been accepted. If you would like to review it before you apply, please feel free to request a copy.

how do i join?  +-

Choose the Au Soleil practitioner level that most describes you, and submit a completed Application.

The Founders Council will review your Application and conduct an interview, which may include you providing a session/class within your modality. Two letters of reference from another practitioner, client, or mentor may be requested. In the interest of protecting all members of our community, Au Soleil Healing’s decision may be subject to conducting its own criminal offender record information check. Please note that while you may meet all our requirements, we respectfully reserve the right to accept only Practitioners that we feel are the best fit for our intentional community.

If you are invited to join our Practitioner Community, you will need to complete additional legal and corporate documents. Should you wish to review the legal documents before your Application is accepted, please let us know. We will then walk you through how to fully participate in Au Soleil Healing, Inc., including how to build a profile on our website and create offers and announcements for our clients and yours.

i'm in! i want to apply now.  +-

Apply Now

If you prefer a paper application please contact us.

If you still need help deciding which level to apply for please contact us.


We acknowledge that applying to Au Soleil Healing takes time and interest and we appreciate your willingness in helping us uphold the high integrity of our community. Once again, if you have any questions or simply wish to discuss your options, please feel free to email me or call 1-781-228-0088.

Peace & Light,

Janeen Barnett

Au Soleil Healing Founder & Founders Council Practitioner