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The Light is Intense. Right now.

Bright lights

It is as if a bright spotlight or a laser is being trained into every dark corner of our psyches – personally, nationally and globally.

A very bright, unrelenting, burning, take-no-prisoners Light.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s painful. It’s violent and fiery. It’s frightening and frustrating.

It’s transformative.

For it is in looking deep into the lurking Shadows we discover the cosmic junk that impedes us on our journeys; those beliefs, attitudes, patterns, fears and anxieties that keep us from Freedom.

Freedom to be our True Selves, to step into our inner Power – whatever our unique selves bring to the communal table – and open our Hearts to all that Is. Freedom from the limits of our lifetime(s) of Ego learning, our story, what we believe and think we are. What we “need” to survive. How we’ve become hurt and even “damaged goods”.

The butterfly, with its capacity to completely shift physical form in one life-cycle, is one of the oldest symbols of transformation. I recently had someone tell me they fancy being one, because you get to eat as much as you want, go to sleep, and wake up beautiful.

In relating this to my friend Deb, she remarked, “But how do we know it doesn’t hurt? They’re growing wings for heavens sake, don’t you think that is painful?”

I don’t know. I don’t know if growing wings is painful or as effortless as the way they allow a flutterby to float upon the air currents. I know that sometimes my own transformation is extremely painful and takes attention and work, and at other times it’s effortless.

This Light of transformation is not waning, but rather gathering strength, culminating with the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. We had a full moon with a partial lunar eclipse a week ago, on Aug. 7.

A Shadow portal opens and expands. New awareness and opportunities arise out of the darkness.

In addition, Mercury went retrograde yesterday, Aug. 12, in it’s own house of Virgo – known for it’s exacting nature in service to others and the greater good. Always an opportunity to re-view the old in our lives and choose how to move forward.

We are breaking open, like a Chrysalis.


Hold fast to the Light. Hold fast to all that is Good.

Try not to resist.  You can resist, but there is no redemption in resistance. Root into the ground. 

Hold onto the Lions mane and ride if you can’t walk – the sun is in Leo, lending it’s innate attributes of playfulness and creativity to help bring us through.

Hold fast to unconditional Love for all Beings to the best of your ability. Respect the dignity of every human being.

Lean into the Light. The Light will carry us through.

Focus the Goodness in the Light, if you can, and re-direct it to all people and places, including and particularly to Kim Jong-Un, Donald Trump, Venezuela, Charlottesville, Syria, etc., in whatever form works for you.

Lightworkers, the world needs you!

And for Goodness sake, give a hefty dose of that unconditional love to yourself!!!

One on hand I can receive this encouraging message during my meditation this morning and follow the directive to share it, writing from the detached place of The Observer. I can also take a step back and marvel at the way in which the Universe brings up my personal Shadows into my awareness so that I myself have the opportunity to transform.

On the other hand, I am human. I am the person who wrote this on FB Friday – “On my mind:I’m f-inh done with this “transformative” energy today.” I am the injured inner child at 9 years of age that devolved into tears on Saturday, followed by the angry teenager who threw her phone so hard on the counter that she cracked the screen. I am able to hear the words of a friend, sit with them, explore them, acknowledge the problem, vow to change it, and still erupt in the F-bomb on Sunday morning on my way home from church in exactly the situation that needs to shift.

I am all of these, as are You. We are in this together. Please practice kindness.

At yoga yesterday the teacher asked “Are you okay.” I responded, “define okay.” She thought a moment and said “In intensity but surviving.” “Yes”, I said, “We (my body/mind/spirit) are okay.”

I hope you are too.

God/dess bless us, sustain us, and help us to embrace these possibilities for Change.



Janeen Barnett is a BodyMindSpirit holistic practitioner and the Founder of Au Soleil Healing Inc. As an interpreter and translator between your body, soul and conscious mind, she helps you reconcile and release experiences for deep healing.

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