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nondual kabbalistic healing

awakening and healing are one.  +-

Looking to exchange suffering, or a sense of “brokenness”,  for deep acceptance, compassion, and connection to Source?

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Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH), formerly known as Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, is a deeply transformative and practical form of spiritual healing. It was created and developed by Jason Shulman after his life long inquiry into the nature of reality, the nature of suffering, and being a healed human being. It is a spiritual model based on becoming whole in the midst of being human in a chaotic and challenging world. Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is about creating a dynamic relationship with Reality, fully being in our life. As we begin to wake up, healing occurs. Awakening and healing are one.

what is nondual kabbalistic healing?  +-

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is about having acceptance and compassion for our humanness, and understanding that all of our challenges and suffering have the same source, feeling we are a separate self, alone, and not in relationship with creation or Source. Nonduality is the understanding that Reality is actually One, it includes everything! The healing journey is about the dance between feeling our human, individual, separate self unite with the experience of being fully part of the One or Source. We have actually never been separate. Our ordinary reality is filled with things that appear distinct, but they are also not separate. It just looks that way. Healing helps us to really engage in life knowing we are both an individual and a part of the Divine.

benefits of nondual kabbalistic healing  +-

Kabbalah means “received wisdom” and is about our relationship between God/Source and us as personal human beings. As we journey through life there are long held patterns, beliefs, and imbalances that we develop as strategies and coping mechanisms to help us feel safe in the world. When these no longer serve us these difficulties can be experienced as:

  • Physical illness
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Negative, repetitive thought patterns
  • Depression, hopelessness and anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Needing better boundaries
  • Feeling the world is not safe

As these imbalances are re-patterned and healed, there is greater wholeness. We become able to leave behind our past stories and sense of “brokenness” to living more fully in life. We don’t need to cut off or abandon our “problem” parts. Instead, we learn how to create a kind relationship with all of the aspects of who we are. Our goal is to become more human and to share that humanity and compassion with others. As we no longer feel separate, there is understanding that the “other” really is part of us. This is how healing takes place. The previous duality of our experiences becomes healed when we no longer feel such separation between “this” and “that.” They are different views of the same thing, “One” is also “We.”

In Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, the healer doesn’t run energy into the person, but instead is able to hold specific states of consciousness that create different relationships with reality. Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is a healing modality and diagnostic process of 16 healings that create fundamental change at every level of life. This spiritual healing work deals directly with the essential levels of creation. As healing and transformation occurs, the energy systems of the body rebalance and come into alignment as a natural part of the process. Sessions can be done either in person or over the phone. These healings are for everyone who has the desire and longing to live their most authentic life.

what to expect in a nondual kabbalistic healing session  +-

Life is about being in relationship, so our sessions begin by creating a safe, respectful relationship together. We first talk about what issues or concerns you are dealing with as well as what is going right. During the conversation the practitioner listens with deep presence below the surface of the story or issue for particular patterns to discover a deeper level of healing and wholeness that is waiting to emerge and be revealed. Questions are asked that help to clarify and get to the core of beliefs and patterns that are ready for change. There is respect and deep compassion for the life journey that has shaped our ideas of who we are and our personal sense of reality. During this time of listening a specific healing will be chosen.

In an in-person session you move to a padded massage table fully clothed and under a comfortable blanket. The healer lightly rests hands on a safe part of the body and enters into a particular state of focused healing consciousness. Nondual Kabbalistic Healing works by intently holding and focusing on a specific Divine emanation or aspect of God. The practitioner enters a profound harmonic resonance field where both you and God become One.

During a distance session the practitioner will hang up the phone to do a specific healing and then call back when it is complete for a final closing conversation. The healing experience creates the ability to feel profoundly safe, held, and witnessed by being seen as your Whole Self.

how does a long-distance nondual kabbalistic healing work?  +-

Long distance, or remote healing, works by understanding the oneness of creation. Everything is connected at the quantum level. Quantum physics understands that “the observer affects the observed.” This means that self, other, our world, and our universe, are always simultaneously connected. There is no time and space distance that exists in the quantum realm and focused healing thought/intent is instantaneous. Prayer is one form of focused intention. The person will receive the healing instantly but it may take time for the belief systems and patterns to shift in a way that is comfortable and aligned with Divine timing.

As Einstein understood, energy is matter, matter is energy. Thought and form are both expressions of consciousness. A healer is trained to enter into specific focused consciousness that is able to access the unlimited possibilities of wholeness for another person, already present in the quantum field that is not currently available. In our ordinary state of consciousness we have been trained to think in a linear fashion, that cause and effect are related. In the quantum realm everything is nonlinear and exists as a field of possibility and probability. It is beyond our mind’s ability to grasp the “how” of what is possible. Transformational healing becomes available as we trust the union between our human self and the Divine in creating a blueprint for our life; one that is beyond our wildest dreams.

frequently asked questions about nondual kabbalistic healing  +-

What sensations might I experience during a healing session?

While everyone is unique, the most common experience during a healing session is deep inner relaxation. For some it is combined with a balance of both vitality and relaxation that feels like inner contentment and harmony.

There may be beautiful colors that you see while on the table, as well as fleeting images that might appear and have meaning for you.

Physical sensations might include areas that feel warm or tingling like when the blood suddenly rushes to an area that was “asleep.”

You might lightly doze or feel a slightly expanded state of consciousness that feels very relaxed, or feel more like you are fully in your body.

For some people there is no immediate sensation but rather a gradual sense of building a foundation or platform that feels reliable to them.

How often should I have a session?

This is dependent on what issues/challenges you are working on and what is realistic. In general, once a month sessions allow for shifts to occur in a way that can be integrated into your BodyMind comfortably. There is a platform of healing that is built upon during each consecutive session that creates the stability to support genuine transformations of consciousness.

What kinds of life issues/problems can be healed and shifted?

The following are the areas of greatest difficulty and imbalance:

  • Physical illness
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Negative, repetitive thought patterns
  • Depression, hopelessness and anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Needing better boundaries
  • Feeling the world is not safe
history of nondual kabbalistic healing  +-

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH), also known as Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, was founded in the early 1990’s by Jason Shulman, after years of meditation, deep spiritual inquiry, and his realization that reality is nondual. It is a 4 year advanced training program that is part of the spiritual school, A Society of Souls. The teachings integrate the wisdom of Buddhism with the wisdom of the Kabbalah and Tree of Life, along with modern psychology. The goal of this work is for the healer and client to come together in deep relationship to reach a new level of understanding and healing. As each one of us becomes healed, so too does the world.

sources of information  +-

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