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polarity therapy

polarity therapy is based on the universal principles of energy: repulsion, attraction, and neutrality.   +-

“Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of Matter and Form.” – Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy treatment
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Polarity Therapy understands the interdependence and connection of body, mind and spirit through the energetic system, where imbalance begins, and leads to “dis-ease”.  Polarity Therapy is one of many human energy field based integrative health care specialties and uses a four-pronged approach to healing through bodywork, diet, yoga-type exercises and client self-awareness.
history and basic theory of polarity therapy  +-
Polarity Therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981). Dr. Stone, a chiropractor, osteopath, and naturopath, studied many natural health systems during the course of his life, including Ayurvedic medicine in India, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and various religious and philosophical texts and teachings. Dr. Stone looked for the constants between them, the foundations of each, and pulled them together to form a new whole.

The language of Polarity Therapy and its understanding of the energy field comes largely from Ayurvedic Medicine. Prana, the life force, flows through the body in an orderly fashion; these pathways were detailed and drawn by Dr. Stone in a model he called the Wireless Anatomy of Man. Any interruption to that flow creates a cause and effect relationship in the organs and physiology of the body, leading to physical symptoms. These interruptions may be of an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual nature, hence the broadness of techniques a Polarity Therapist may apply to support the client in returning to balance.

Polarity Bodywork
Polarity Therapy bodywork is designed to release blockages and re-establish the natural flow of the clients Prana, or inherent Life Force. The Polarity Therapist essentially uses the energetic properties of their hands and fingers in contact with the clients body to achieve the desired outcome. Contact is gentle and light on the body, may be circular in nature, and includes cranial (head) holds, and rocking movements. It is usually performed using a massage table or chair.

Polarity Diet
Polarity Therapists may recommend a change in diet for the client. Energy forms the basis of all things, including food. Therefore, each food has an intrinsic constitution and can be used to support the re-balancing of the bodywork sessions.

Polarity Exercises
Polarity Therapists may recommend certain exercises to support and continue the energetic changes achieved in bodywork sessions. These were designed specifically for Polarity Therapy and are loosely based on Yoga.

Polarity Self-Awareness
Through the lens of energy, which affects every part of the BodyMind, a Polarity Therapist may be able to see connections between lifestyle, relationship and disease that are not apparent to the client, thereby assisting the client to make changes.

benefits of polarity therapy  +-
  • Excellent for pain relief
  • Aids in recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Decreases feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, and hostility
  • Relieves stress and lowers blood pressure
  • Increases feelings of deep peace and connectedness
  • Enhances good mood feelings and decreases depression
  • Reduces recovery time and promotes healing from wounds, surgery, trauma or accidents
  • Helps patients deal with the myriad effects of a chronic health problem
  • Supports the dying process
  • Supports addiction recovery
  • Relieves migraine headaches and other tension based health problems
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Helps process through grief
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Aids in clearing emotions
  • Supports spiritual growth and connectedness
  • Reduces the side effects of drugs
  • Helps release unwanted patterns of thought and behavior
  • Increases Self Awareness
  • Increases Mental Clarity
  • Increases overall Energy
frequently asked questions about polarity therapy  +-
Do I have to believe in it, or understand it, to have it be beneficial?

No.  Just like we do not have to believe in TV or radio to have it work. energy therapy can be scientifically understood through the lens of physics and the principles of vibration, frequency and wavelength.  All matter is atomically based; all matter has an inherent energetic nature that interacts with each other and the universe. Therefore, belief is not necessary.

Don’t you get tired, giving your energy away to clients all day?

An energy practitioner is tapping into your energy system, and the Universal Energy that surrounds us. Every system, every body, is constantly striving for equilibrium. An energy practitioner is only facilitating and supporting the rebalancing effort that your BodyMind is engaging in.

Do I have to get undressed?

No. Energy work can be done in any situation, even from a distance.

Will I feel and see the effects immediately?

Many of the benefits of energy work are felt within the first 15 minutes of a session. They will last anywhere from a few hours to a lifetime afterward, depending on what the treatment goals are and how the work is integrated functionally in your daily life.

What do you do exactly?

This will depend to a certain extent on your needs.  Often, energy work touch is light or off the body entirely, though there may be some rocking or holding of certain points to stimulate or calm different areas, or the practitioner may hold their hands cupped over an area of the body for a period of time.

What will I feel?

Energy work can elicit many different responses. You may feel heat or cold, twitching, buzzing, popping, or electric twinges anywhere, even where the practitioner is not working. You may get a taste in your mouth, hear, or smell things that are not physically there. You may experience visions, deep sleep, or memories of past events. Practically everything and anything can happen, but rest assured, a properly trained practitioner is capable of walking you through it all.

What if I am uncomfortable, don’t like what the practitioner is doing, want to stop or need to go to the bathroom?

Your comfort is paramount in any bodywork session. If you are uncomfortable in any way, you are not benefiting the most from your session, and you need to inform your practitioner immediately. We all want to do our best work for our clients, and ultimately, the client knows what that is. So your practitioner will thank you for the feedback.

Do I talk during the session?

This is your session, and you ultimately know what you need. Sometimes a client needs to talk to process through what their body is releasing. Sometimes they need to drift off. It is not rude not to talk to your practitioners; we know it is in your best interest. If we don’t initiate a conversation it’s not that we aren’t interested in you, it is because it is considered unprofessional for a practitioner to chat with you during your session. So we will look to you for guidance in what you need.

How often should I receive Polarity Therapy?

Most practitioners will tell you “as often as you feel the need or as often as you can”. Your practitioner is the best resource to ask, because they will know why you are seeing them and can devise a treatment plan based on the uniqueness of your situation.

Can Polarity Therapy bring on a healing crisis or make me physically ill?

Energy work takes about 24-72 hours to work through the system. It can bring old emotions, and memories that have lain dormant in the system to the surface, as well as toxins or other physical items that are deeply stored in the body. It is not unusual to feel these emotions again as they release, or to be tired and achy after a session. You can also get physical symptoms such as congestion, coughs, loose bowels or increased urinary amounts as the system clears itself and re-balances. If you have a more severe reaction and think it may be related to the session, it is best to check in with your practitioner, as they know your unique situation.

Can Polarity Therapy do harm?

No.  Because Energy Therapy is guided by the your own system and its’ interaction with the Universal Life Force, it can never be harmful.

Can Polarity Therapy heal illnesses like cancer?

The human body has an immense capacity to heal itself. All healing that is accomplished is done by your system, not by the practitioner. The practitioner holds the sacred space for you to do your work, and in that Sacred space believes that all possibilities exist.

Can plants and animals benefit from Polarity Therapy?

Yes. Because all created things have a resonance, frequency and vibration, all things can benefit from Energy Therapy.

Can everyone learn to be a Polarity Therapy practitioner or is it a gift?

Everyone already is an energy practitioner at some level. We are all emitting energy transmissions to, and receiving them from, the world around us every minute of every day. Learning energy therapy techniques just allows us to be more intentional with our directing of them. Some people seem to have come into the world with an innate gift of understanding this, but all people have the capacity to learn.

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