donna margot housh, LMT, CST, CAT 

body listener & aromatherapist

au soleil applications council member, au soleil founder's circle practitioner, au soleil practitioner 

i live my life now by listening and hearing.
introduction  +-
I offer Individualized Therapy Sessions to fit each client's needs. However the body needs to be supported and brought back to original homeostasis (emotional, mental, physical balance), we will accomplish with as much grace and aplomb as possible. This would include greater fluidity of movement, less pain and discomfort, greater tone and strength allowing greater agility, less anxiety and profound relaxation. One could consider their session a read more vacation of quiet without even leaving Marblehead. Each specialized session might include a combination of applications: 
Muscle Therapy Technique
, Swedish Massage, 
Hot Stones, 
Salt/Sugar Exfoliation, 
Selected Personalized HEBBD Essential Oils

. I offer an invitation to a very calm, peaceful, confidential safe environment in my Studio located in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I have over 22 years of Therapy experience. I honor, respect and value working as a team to bring your body to Wholesome Equanimity. The more we are "ourselves" the better we can go forth to create, contribute and have fun! 
I look forward to meeting YOU because I enjoy reconnecting with all of my "Peoples."
my understanding of healing  +-
My understanding has shifted and grown over the years and I am glad it is so – I no longer feel RESPONSIBLE for another’s “healing.”  I know that I am simply a guide and a conduit to enable someone else to find their own source and center.  I understand so much more clearly that we/our selves are responsible for our own well-being.  My background taught me “mind over matter” and a “you will do this” type of action. However with all these years of experience and really learning to listen to people/clients as they speak, and listen to their bodies as they recline, I realize that “healing’ is an “inside job”.  One that perhaps might begin with the mind and shift in attitude, but culminates inside the heart and the soul’s sacred space and the body then follows. Many times the mind and attitude have difficulty shifting because the body is in “discomfort”. 
I have learned that the body seems to be its own entity, with its own needs and one might almost say, its own rights. We must listen to its wants with utmost respect and honor.  There is such a need to “allow it to be.” When it’s tired, let it rest. When it’s hungry, feed it. When it needs to just simply stop, let it stop! No judgement! 
As a Practitioner, I have found this is sometimes difficult to do even with myself, but it is a “learning” to be brought forth and held in place. To listen, to behold the beauty of every nuance of every little “creak” or “clack” of the bones, or “unsettledness” of any muscle, tendon or ligament or experience pain in any area, or feel caught or congested and too full, these are all messages and are important. The body wants to be heard and love and respected for every discomfort each in it’s own right. This is what the body loves and wants.

If I can assist each person who comes through my door to listen, to respect, to admire, to LOVE, every part of themselves, then the body falls into a place of “respite.” Ah... the quiet! Ah... the space! Ah... the balance! The body says, "Thank YOU and Thank YOU!"  To me, for me, this understanding is Respectful Healing!  It is my endeavor to practice this with each person who honors me by coming to me so that I may support them in supporting themselves.  It is indeed a “team effort”, much aided by the Love from Above.
my spiritual practice  +-
I am coming to realize that loving and honoring oneself is of the utmost importance. If one can learn to respect oneself, not judge oneself, to love oneself, then this can, and does change everything. With God Force, all will follow.
my healing journey  +-
When I was 7 years old, I realized that I “hear” the grass grow, the flowers bloom. I was in nature constantly and was most comfortable being with the earth and animals. By the time I was eight, I had already moved at least nine or ten times, so nature and animals were my only constant.  Playing piano for hours at a time was also a relief and I was considering going to Juilliard, but New York City had toooo many people, so I began horseback riding in an academy instead. I could hear the horses, so once again I found refuge. I have done everything I could “not to use” this gift of hearing - sales, race car driving, jewelry sales, property sales and management etc. When I was laid off from my position in property management, I was persuaded by many friends to attend massage school. Massage school was very difficult for me in terms of “touching bodies and being touched.”  Once I was finally able to overcome this fear which had stemmed from difficult childhood experiences, I was able to move forward and complete the teachings.

So many things in my life have shifted and changed, however the “hearing” has been consistent and has enabled me to learn a bit about life. To delve deeply into “the unseen” is an understatement.  Nature and the ability to hear nature has been my peace. Now, THROUGH CONCIOUS FOCUS, directing the hearing to assist others to hear and realize for themselves their own healing has allowed me to make a contribution to this world. I am grateful.

i speak:

  • english
  • french
  • german

services offered

aromatherapyintuitive readingsmassage & bodywork therapiessacred ritualspiritual healingswedish massagebody listening
Come enfold yourself and let go of any heaviness, anxiety or pain as you soak in the scents and sounds during one of my "out of this world" massages or spa treatments.

I am a Master Body Worker, Certified Massage Therapist, Neck/Shoulder/Back Specialist, Certified Somatic Therapist and Parisian Trained Aromatherapist.

I offer individualized massage therapy sessions tailored to fit YOUR specific needs. Each unique session can include a combination of:

Muscle Energy Technique
Swedish Massage
Polarity Balancing
Hot Stones
Salt/Sugar Scrub
Use of select, customized essential oils, imported, HEBBD Pharmaceutical-grade

Come, wrap yourself in my calm, peaceful, safe environment and let my 26 years of massage therapy experience care for your body.
massage, energy and bodywork
foot treatment
Relaxation, opening and balancing of energy channels, reflexology and leg up to knee, mineral at salt foot soak with pure essential oils. 45 minutes
head treatment
Relief of fuzziness, migraines, tension headaches, sinus congestion and tightness, Oriental Scalp Massage with pure essential oils selected for your specific needs. 60 minutes
back treatment
Relief of soreness, stiffness, pain and congestion of both muscle and skin; mineral salts and mud treatment with essential oils. 60 minutes
head, neck, shoulders, chest and feet
Therapeutic massage for stress management with essential oils specifically selected for individual conditions. 90 minutes
de-stress and de-tox whole body massage
Thorough whole body massage that includes hot massage oil, scrub [sugar or salt] hot stones and hot towels. 90 minutes
deluxe de-stress and de-tox whole body massage
Includes all of basic de-stress and de-tox whole body massage features, plus use of essential oils to induce and maintain body balance. 120 minutesrnhot towels. 90 minutes
revitalizing whole body massage
Includes all features of Deluxe De-stress and De-tox massage, plus selection of and consultation on use of two pharmaceutical-grade essential oils for home use to support revitalization. 120 minutes
no scheduled events
Essential Oils
training  +-
Massage Therapist
Somatic Therapist
certifications  +-
Massage Institute of New England LMT 1993
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork 1993
Advanced Aromatherapy Training/Scientific Institute of Aromatherapy 1994
Soma Synthesis for NCBTMB 1996
Professional Ethics NCBTMB 1997
Internationally Certified Somatic Therapist 1997
ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist 2008
ABMP Professional 2014
licenses  +-
MA Massage Therapy License
organizations  +-
Associated BodyWork & Massage Professionals

left_quoteHow many decent massages have you had? And how many out-of-body good massages have you had? Exactlyu2026 Donna Housh is the Holy Grail of the massage experiences - consistently head-and-shoulders (literally and figuratively) above and beyond the most exotic, luxurious massages around the world. Donna is more than a massage therapist u2013 to me, she is a healer. Its like she and your body are in a deep conversation the whole time of what your read more body needs and what feels amazing without you saying a word. When I leave Donna, I feel u201clifted,u201d meaning the most calm, relaxed, aligned and rejuvenated Iu2019ve ever felt. Excerpted and re-posted with the author's permission. right_quote


left_quoteDonna Housh is a gifted and extraordinary body worker and healer. She is in a league of her own by her ability to deeply attune to the many aspects and layers of the body, its needs and voices. She uses customized European essential oils to enhance relaxation and healing in various body tissues/muscles as needed. A session is never the same as she focuses on exactly what the body is needing and asking for in the present moment. Her space is read more beautifully appointed, relaxing, and safe. She provides an oasis of deep nourishment for the body and soul by her warmth, depth of understanding of human anatomy, great hands, and luxurious 2 hour session. Having sessions with Donna is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself and I would highly encourage everyone to do the same. She is indeed a 'Body Listener' of the highest order! right_quote

Kristin H.

left_quoteAs I longtime massage therapist, I always seek a caring massage that treats body, mind and soul. Donna Housh offers such a massage. She is truly a body-listener, and she hears the body and treats the session with reverence. Her caring aura adds a very special dimension to the massage, and her ability to understand what the body is saying is a gift. I recommend her services highly. right_quote


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