janeen barnett, LMT, APP, NCTMB, Reiki I 

body/mind/spirit holistic practitioner

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shifts happen. all possibilities exist.
introduction  +-
The healing arts and sciences have fascinated me since I was very young, growing up on a dairy farm, diagnosing and treating animals. Studying animal anatomy and physiology at university, then getting married and raising 3 children gave me plenty of knowledge and life experience in this area, but also postponed a professional career until 2007, when I graduated from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork. My Western worldview of healing read more abruptly shifted when I was exposed to the “voo-doo” medicine of Energy Therapy, realized it made scientific sense when viewed from the perspective of Physics and integrated my lifelong Spiritual gifts all at once. Today, I consider myself a facilitator, interpreter and conductor of information and interaction between the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies of those who come to me for support while on their own unique healing journey. This cultural role historically goes by several names, and and all of which I am happy to ascribe to being: tribal medicine woman, shamana, faith healer, massage and energy therapist, witch doctor, intuitive healer, bodyworker, Lightworker. The experiences of my personal path over the last several years, where a community of integrative health practitioners were essential to regaining my own life balance, underscored my commitment to found Au Soleil Healing, Inc. in 2014 as a community of unity, wholeness and transformation.
what i really do  +-
Reconciliation and Release

I consider myself an interpreter and translator between your body and your conscious mind. My hands, my heart, my intuitive eye and my analytical mind all give me information about what is actually happening in your holistic body. We are a created hologram - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, a system that can’t be separated. What affects one part of the system affects the whole system.

I have an ability to “see” the connections and the patterns between all the parts, all the different bodies, and how what is manifesting now, today, is related to the past on multiple levels.

I then use any and all of the tools of my professional trainings, experiences and intuitive gifts to help you release or reconcile these experiences so you can move forward.

This can take many forms during our work together:

• Massage and manual manipulation of muscle and related tissues to release physical holding and structural imbalance

• Energy techniques to re-balance the etheric body

• Shamanic techniques to release Soul-related issues

• Holding sacred space for tears, anger or other emotions, or long held feelings, secrets or memories to be released

• Actively relating to, and reconciling with, a younger version of yourself that experienced trauma or distress

• Receiving messages from deceased family members, Spirit guides or past energetic attachments that inform and/or change a mental perspective

• Receiving information about past life experiences, attachments, or events that may be impacting any part of the holistic body and assisting in releasing or shifting them

• Suggesting stretches, yoga-type exercises, mantras, daily practices and other strategies for self-care

My integration:
The more I have been exposed to different religious practices, the more I see the commonalities between them. In addition, there are 7 major chakras in the body, as understood by the East, and 7 sacraments or tenets as understood by the West. These correlations fascinate me, deepening my comprehension of my own religious language and practice, and validating my heart-felt knowledge that we’re all one through Universal Source, however that manifests.

My first teacher in massage school told us to “remember, every time you touch another person it is a sacred act”. My massage table is about the same size and shape as a traditional Christian church altar. For me, the symbolism is clear.

A shift in any part of the system shifts the entire system.

Gracias a Dios/Diosa
my understanding of healing  +-
True healing is returning to Wholeness on all conceivable levels including, but not limited to, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Everyday events have the ability to pull us in many different directions and upset our overall balance; major losses or traumatic experiences can send us reeling. However, all things in motion seek equilibrium, so there is always the possibility for change and shifting to occur, and always a deep desire by the Being to be in harmony with itself and its surroundings. We often can come back into balance without external help, but not always; there are times when we need extra support and nourishment to do so.

There are as many different paths to achieving Wholeness as there are Beings, each has its own intrinsic value in the final process. Each Being may benefit from different paths or approaches throughout their lives, but the ultimate responsibility for the path they choose, and its results, resides with the Being.

The BodyMindSoul has an innate and infinite ability to heal itself, and it is my role to be the facilitator, interpreter, and conductor of information for those who come to me. I work with the intention of respecting each individuals path and belief system, regardless of my own, meeting the client where they are, supporting their course, and encouraging them in their ability to care for themselves.
my spiritual practice  +-
At this time, I believe that all created things are connected throughout time and space within a Universal Oneness. This Oneness is known by many names, spoken and unspoken, and manifests in many different forms. Every Being resonates with a different form, none of which can be considered right or wrong. My personal spiritual practice is mainly through the liturgy and sacraments of the Episcopal Church USA, though I create and participate in other rituals and ceremonies as the Spirit moves me.
my healing journey  +-
Over 20 years ago I was in a very dark place, clinically depressed and suicidal. I was so deeply distressed that I felt that even God could not love me, though I went to church and participated because I wanted to be a “good girl”.

In the Episcopal Church we often have a night watch after Maundy Thursday mass, and I was alone in the chapel about 3 o’clock in the morning. It was dark, with the consecrated Host surrounded by votive candles and flowers, and I began to pour my heart out to God, telling Him I just couldn’t go on any longer.

All of a sudden, the candles began to flicker and I felt the immediate presence of the Living Christ, who wrapped me in his arms for several minutes, until His Peace infused my entire being. I had never questioned the existence of "God", but I had never before felt this Presence. It gave me hope again, and the courage to take the first step on my own road to recovery.

This experience continues to inform my work, knowing Grace can step into any situation and transform it immediately, no matter how grave it appears to be.

i speak:

  • english
  • french

services offered

intuitive readingsmassage & bodywork therapiespolarity therapyreikisacred ritualshamanic healingastrology, psychic & intuitive readingsspiritual healingswedish massagebody listeningcraniosacral therapy
Intuitive Readings may take many forms and occur naturally during the course of a bodywork session.
massage, energy work and shamanic healing
60 min
80 per session
90 min
110 per session
first time client
150 per 1st session
distance healing
150 per session
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Basics Course
beverly, ma
april 11 - april 14

overview  +-
Janeen Barnett has been fascinated by the art and science of medicine for as long as she can remember. Practical life experience diagnosing and treating animals on a farm growing up, a B.S. in Animal Science, and recent training in Bodywork and Spiritual Ministry combine to make her who she is today.
training  +-
2008 Clinical Pastoral Education - one unit. Beverly Hospital, Beverly MA. ACPE accredited
2007 Polarity Energy Therapy. Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, Salem, MA.
2007 Massage Therapy. Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, Salem, MA.
1984 B.S. Animal Science. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Awarded with honors.
certifications  +-
NCTMB - Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker
Associate Polarity Practitioner - American Polarity Therapy Association
licenses  +-
LMT - Massachusetts Licensed Massage Therapist. 2007-present
organizations  +-
ABMP - Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
APTA - American Polarity Therapy Association

left_quoteI have been seeing Janeen regularly for massage and energy work for some four years and feel enormously grateful to have her in my life. During this period I've had a significant amount of discomfort and disability due to a devastating illness and the treatment for it. Janeen has been totally tuned in to my physical and emotional needs throughout this journey, and consistently provides healing, restorative care. She does a thorough check-in read more before I get on the massage table so that she can tailor her approach to my specific needs at each visit. She is highly knowledgeable about anatomy, and I find her treatments and self-care advice more beneficial than visits with a physical therapist. In addition to the physical benefits and deep relaxation I experience during and after my sessions with Janeen, her compassion and wisdom soothe my soul. right_quote


left_quoteI am honored to write a testimonial to the healing gifts of Janeen Barnett. And if it were simply a matter of addressing physical ailments and energy blocks in my body at this time in my life, I would sing her praises as a very effective bodyworker and energy healer. But there is more to Janeen's work than that. In the Spring of 2013, I was working with my Toltec spiritual teacher, Rita Rivera Fox, who is one of Don Miguel Ruiz's original read more apprentices. Rita had been my teacher and guide through tremendous transformations in how I viewed myself and the world. And that Spring, we were addressing my lifelong challenging relationship with my body, food, and weight. A history that has included diets, nutritionists, body and energy work, etc., -- all of which were helpful to a certain extent. But Rita soon intuited that this issue involved more than the experiences of this lifetime, and that there were strong connections to past life experiences that made this relationship all the more complex for me. We realized that it is a soul issue, and it is brought into this lifetime to rectify. And so Rita sent me to work with Janeen, telling me that Janeen has an unique ability to read one's body on multiple levels in order to create healing energy shifts; to clear beliefs/mind sets, and to heal wounds from both this and past lives. I have absolutely found this to be true. Janeen has a lovely, gentle, light-filled energy that enfolds me as I enter her healing space. I am more peaceful as soon as I come into her presence. My work with her is transformative, and she has helped me to continue to become more of my authentic, encumbered self -- to be more comfortable in my body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition, I have a deeper understanding of influences from my past, as well as my current life's journey and purposes. Janeen has also helped me to understand that our work is a partnership, and I am a powerful part of my own healing process. It is an honor for me to be in such an amazing partnership. right_quote

Martha M. LMHC

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