kristin hovanec, LMT, APP, NKH 

nondual kabbalistic & quantum healer

au soleil applications council member, au soleil founder's circle practitioner, au soleil practitioner 

life comes with unpredictable changes. embracing the zigzagging creates an infinitely more interesting journey!
introduction  +-
I have held a life long interest in energy, consciousness, and the integration of the whole being. As the oldest of seven siblings, I learned early about the joys of big energy and that same comfort drew me to Wall Street as an options trader for a decade. Later, to understand and deepen my inner work, I began a transformational healing journey. I graduated from A Society of Souls, an advanced 4 year spiritual training program in Nondual read more Kabbalistic Healing, formerly known as Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. I am licensed in Massage Therapy and nationally certified in Polarity Energy Balancing in which I was an instructor. I have additional trainings and certifications in many diverse energy healing modalities. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a wife and the mother of three sons, I deeply appreciate the richness in family dynamics and depth of the profound journey we all share.
my understanding of healing  +-
Healing is both a process and journey. It involves finding wholeness, balance, inner contentment, and most importantly self-love and acceptance. There are many paths to healing and each is unique and valuable. When we feel fully seen and accepted by another, that sense of safety creates the container for exploration and deep healing. We become able to participate fully in life as our authentic self and navigate change with ease, acceptance and grace.
my spiritual practice  +-
I feel we are here to expand our consciousness, wholeness, and kindness. My spiritual practice is to stay as present as possible to my "inner condition" and inner voice so that I pay attention when feeling out of balance or resistant to what is occurring in my life. My practice has evolved over time and now I find deep nourishment by long walks and hiking. The beauty and stillness found in nature makes my heart sing and always reconnects me to my source.
my healing journey  +-
The sudden death of my father was the catalyst for my own deep healing journey and inner exploration. I realized that if I did not learn to open my heart, understand my feelings, and be willing to be vulnerable, I would become just like him with a frozen, shut down heart. He was a very potent teacher for my evolution. The decision to go through a long, intense, healing program both thrilled and terrified me because I knew it required courage to face decades of repressed emotions, ancestral patterns, and feeling safe enough to become my authentic self. The rewards have been beyond anything I could have imagined and have completely changed my life.

i speak:

  • english

services offered

body listeningcoaching & counselingcraniosacral therapyintuitive readingsmassage & bodywork therapiesnondual kabbalistic healingpolarity therapyquantum healingspiritual healingzero balancing
all private sessions
120 per 75 minute session
no scheduled events
training  +-
BS UW-Madison, Wisconsin, English Education
Nondual Kabbalistic Healing
Associate Polarity Practitioner
Massage Therapy
Upledger Institute Cranio-Sacral Therapy level 1
Arcturian Healing Method Levels 1-5
certifications  +-
Nondual Kabbalistic Healing
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage
Zero Balancing Levels 1 & 2
Craniosacral Therapy Level 1
Biodynamic Craniosacral Level 1
Spiritual Psychology
Arcturian Healing Method Level 1 - 5
licenses  +-
MA Licensed Massage Therapist
organizations  +-
Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals
American Polarity Therapy Association
International Association of Healthcare Practitioners
other  +-
Instructor of Polarity Therapy 1 & 2
Instructor of Associate Polarity Practitioner Program at the Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork
Creator and Instructor of “Creating Effective Boundaries” Class at Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork

left_quoteKristin is an empathic practitioner who intuitively understands human transformation. Her compassionate approach to healing is rooted in her extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of energy and Kabbalistic health. I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone who is looking to gain greater mental clarity and balance their mind, body, and spirit. right_quote

Lauren K.

left_quoteKristin's work seamlessly merges spiritual healing, psychotherapeutic insight, permission to fully embody ALL of one's self, and intuitive therapeutic touch. She created a container where it was safe enough for me to go far deeper than I ever have before; working with her one feels safe, witnessed and held. Our work has been priceless in facilitating my journey and empowerment whether in person or long distance. right_quote

Jessica A.

left_quoteFor 15 years I did a significant amount of traditional psychotherapy, body and energy work. But the work I did with Kristin, during the course of one year, was more profound and took me further than anything I'd previously done. I feel like a very different person than when I began working with her. I feel stronger, more competent and able to accept myself. I feel good about life-happy-in a way that I never could quite do before I worked with read more Kristin. I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her unique and very powerful gift of healing with the world. right_quote

Bridget K.

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