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shamanic healer, life & business coach

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life is messy. it's okay. you are not alone.
introduction  +-
I am a modern shaman, life & business coach, and mindful mama of a little one, grade schooler and college grad. I stumbled on my spiritual path over 15 years ago after heartbreak, betrayal, and an out of control classroom lead me to study and eventually teach with don Miguel Ruiz, shaman and bestselling author of The Four Agreements. After a lifetime of people pleasing and a year of intense life challenges – including the biggies: read more leaving my best friends and community behind in a long-distance move, massive money challenges, giving birth and a parent’s death, I stopped looking to the outside to reflect my worth and began living from a place of vulnerability, strength and trust. When not chasing after my kiddos or cracking up with my husband, I support my clients in rejuvenating, letting go of negative self-talk & stuck emotion, and deeply nurturing themselves. I believe that accessing inner knowing within the busy clutter of daily life can heal relationship, parenting, business, health and money issues.  These days I primarily launch heart-based entrepreneurs into successful online businesses that often include transformational destination retreats. A successful business is based on your inner belief that you are worthy, capable and able to succeed in today's online world. So we look at your mindset and underlying beliefs that limit you from making money doing what you love and merge this with nitty-gritty business skills and savvy in branding, marketing, sales and identifying your ideal client and what problems you can solve for them. I offer in-person sessions in Paonia, CO, along with long-distance sessions, private retreats, workshops, and online classes for heart-based entrepreneurs, busy mamas, healers and coaches.
my understanding of healing  +-
Healing usually starts with an “ouch!” You’re in physical pain or stressed out. Your thoughts, doubts or worries just won’t stop. Maybe you’re feeling a lot of emotion – overwhelm, anger, sadness, frustration, anxious. Or perhaps you just can’t put your finger on what’s missing in your life.

With that “ouch” comes a heart’s desire to transform and you activate your intent. You want to be healthier. You want to speak your truth. You desire living more authentically or expressing yourself more clearly.

And… you’re off on a journey of transformation, which can be both uncomfortable and exhilarating.

Most clients who work with me, intellectually understand what the issue or problem is. They know they “should” slow down and take care of themselves more or “should” be more compassionate and forgiving. They might even have some good tools that they’ve gathered over the years. Still – they are stuck. Blocked. Confused.

From my perspective, true healing happens when you align with source (god, oneness, love). You align with who you truly are instead of who you think you are and the problems you are having. Healing happens when you restore balance to your body, mind, spirit and soul. When you start deeply taking care of yourself, your whole world changes. Your relationships improve. You have more money and success. You feel clear and confident. The pain, discomfort and stress subside.

My own journey of transformation has enabled me to accept my own emotions, increase my awareness and create a new way of being – along with a better life. I use my ability to tap into source, along with practical suggestions that have worked in my own life and in my clients’, to support you in your process.

Life presents us with challenging circumstances and people that help us heal. Life is messy. But it’s okay. Whatever you are feeling or facing, it’s okay. You are not alone.
my spiritual practice  +-
My life is my spiritual practice – the way I take care of myself, nurture my children, family and friends, relate to my husband, care for my home and finances, express myself creatively and in my career. I choose to stand at the intersection between the spiritual and the practical, between the everyday and the extraordinary. I want to know bliss – and still take care of the laundry. I spend a lot of time in the mountains and woods.

My practice is based in my shamanic training and on knowing that we are all one. We are one with all of life. The more I let go of who I think I should be, my opinions, and limiting beliefs, the happier and more content I am.

I practice a combination of authentically feeling my reactions to the challenges that arise in life and releasing the emotion behind them, and dropping into connection with source. When I do, I discover a small, limiting way of thinking that is causing the confusion or unhappiness and can then expand into awareness. What freedom!

Since emotion and inner knowing run on the same channel, the more I’ve cleared old wounds, emotions and beliefs, the more connected I am to my creativity, intuition and who I really am. I’m more in tune with stillness, coincidences, guides, dreams, and visions. I’m more in tune with myself and my life.

I am so grateful for my spiritual practice. It keeps me sane and ever evolving!
my healing journey  +-
My healing journey began when life hit me over the head with a 2x4 in the form of heartbreak, betrayal, and out of control classroom. I had been a classic good girl, people-pleaser and overachiever and was very confused when my life became so messy. I started to wonder, “Who am I, if I’m not a good ___ (girlfriend, teacher, daughter, etc)?” I felt very alone. I cried – a lot!

Then I met don Miguel Ruiz, author of the international bestseller, The Four Agreements. He had presence. And common sense. And a way of looking at the world that was utterly foreign to my own.

I studied intensively with him for over a decade and discovered that I was not the roles I play in my life. I can choose how I want to react to what’s happening to me – through the eyes of love or fear. I began listening to my intuition and living from my heart more than my head.

Life has continued to throw challenges at me, only now I have a medicine bag full of tools and a supportive spiritual community to walk myself through them. I now look within myself to reflect my own worth, instead of looking for approval and attention from those around me. I trust myself. I embrace my vulnerability as a strength.

I’m grateful to the challenges I’ve faced. They prompted me to go on an incredible journey with amazing people at my side. My life is still messy at times, but that’s okay! I’m not alone.

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services offered

intuitive readingslife coachingsacred ritualshamanic healingspiritual healingbody listeningbusiness coachingcoaching & counseling
Feeling “stuck?” Haven’t been able to resolve issues or challenges after years of work or through other modalities? Maybe you’re contemplating “what’s next” in life. Or you’re feeling confused about a relationship, health, business or money issue. A Shamanic Healing Session Packages & Private Retreats will help you to tap into your internal guidance so you can:

* Relieve physical pain
* Release limitations, fears, stuck emotion
* Make peace with the past
* Gain clarity, confidence & energy
* Heal relationship, business, health & money issues

Are you a heart-based entrepreneur, coach, or healer who struggles to quickly and easily explain what you do, who you serve, or what services you offer?
Feel a bit confused or overwhelmed on how to effectively market yourself and use technology to your advantage?
Are you ready to grow your practice so that you can share your many gifts and be of greater service to more clients – but not sure what to tackle first?
Business Coaching Packages will help you to:

* Stop fumbling to explain what you do and who you serve
* Start attracting your ideal clients, the ones you’d love to work with
* Breakthrough that icky stuck/overwhelmed feeling and your resistance to “selling”
* Feel proud of your beautiful website with enticing copy
* Install all the right apps and behind the scenes systems in place so you can focus on what you do best – working with your clients
* Shave months (or even years) of trying to “figure it out” on your own
* Increase your income
* Most importantly, be of service and share your message with the world!
shamanic healing sessions
$250 pay-in-full discount and monthly payments available. Packages typically used over 3 months and must be completed within 1 year. For more info:
package: 6 in-person, phone or Skype sessions, access to online Simple Self-Care or Inner Journey Program, 15 minute follow-up call or email each session, if needed and written recap of each session.
1500 per package
private shamanic retreats
At Meghan's Healing Space in Paonia, CO. For more info:
package: Includes 6 hours of guided meditation, private shamanic healing session, light lunch, and shamanic vision quest.
2500 per day
business coaching
$500 pay-in-full and monthly payments available. For more info:
package: 10 hours of a combination of 1:1 business coaching, shamanic healing and copywriting/editing.
5000 per package
no scheduled events
overview  +-
I turned down the opportunity to go to graduate school for more "book" learning and instead chose to study "real life" with don Miguel Ruiz, shaman & international bestselling author of The Four Agreements. For over a decade, my life was dedicated to my spiritual training in shamanic healing and life coaching. During those years, I attended or assisted teaching a workshop at least one weekend a month and went to power journeys at least one week a read more year - often times many, many more! It was a deep honor to be personally trained and named a shaman by don Miguel Ruiz who called me, "a spiritual leader of the next generation."

Eventually I began co-teaching with Rita Rivera Fox, a Master Teacher, shaman, and life coach and together we co-founded Life Mastery Programs. I also have worked with John Myerson, PhD, shaman & acupuncturist of Life Arts Center for Healing & Shamanic Studies.

The Four Agreements and shamanic training from don Miguel Ruiz is the basis of my teachings and practice. My own teachings have evolved from this foundation.

My writings and teachings have been featured in Elephant Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Holistic Education Review, Children Magazine and in the book Round Peg, Square Hole, and on my blog I am the author of Improving Communication Skills, Appreciating Differences and Learning About Cultures (Teaching & Learning Company, 1995, 1995, & 1997) and acted as the technical advisor for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom (Alpha, 2005).
training  +-
10+ years of intense, personal shamanic study, including the advanced "graduate level" Dreaming & Seeing Programs, with don Miguel Ruiz, shaman & author of The Four Agreements
Assisted don Miguel Ruiz in workshops, retreats and power journeys across the U.S., Mexico & Peru
5+ Co-taught East Coast Dreaming & Life Mastery Programs Teacher Training with Rita Rivera Fox
Co-taught workshops, retreats and power journeys across the U.S., Mexico & Ireland with Rita Rivera Fox
Life experience!
certifications  +-
Four Agreements Facilitator & Mentor
organizations  +-
Past Executive Director, Sixth Sun Foundation, don Miguel Ruiz's non-profit organization

left_quoteMeghan is a rare and gifted healer. Her work is transformative, highly effective and empowering. right_quote

Gayle Gorfinkle, Intuitive Healer, Sunshine Intuitive + Holistic Healing

left_quoteSome energy work is good. Some not very good at all. Then there is extraordinary. Meghan’s work is extraordinary! right_quote

Nancy Carlson, Certified Holistic RN & Integrative Nurse Coach

left_quoteMeghan offers powerful, authentic healing that goes straight to the core and shifts old paradigms. Her teaching and healing are effective, loving, and gentle. right_quote

Susan Heritage, Trust & Estate Manager

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