nancy carlson, RN, NC-BC, INC, RYT-500 

health/wellness consultant & coach

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look within, not without. the key to happiness, joy, health and life purpose is an 'inside job'.
introduction  +-
I am an RN and owner/operator of Joyful Healing LLC. As the only practitioner of Joyful Healing, I offer ayurvedic lifestyle/health consultations, board-certified health, wellness and life purpose coaching, reiki treaments, teach level I and II reiki, and teach yoga/pranayama/meditation, individually and with groups. I bring with me 30+ years experience as an RN working in-patient, out-patient care and community settings, a student of yoga for read more 40+ years, and for the last 16 years, have been working specifically with students, clients and groups, using holistic modalities. "Joyful Healing" is the expression of my work with individuals and groups who are interested in creating change that supports their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being! I weave my modalities into individual client sessions, workshops and retreats. What modalities are used depends on the specific client's intentions, choices and needs and the purpose of particular workshops and retreats. I work in partnership with clients and groups, to assist and empower them in their health and wellbeing.
my understanding of healing  +-
Healing doesn’t always mean “cure”, it is supporting the other’s own healing-journey, empowering them, loving un-conditionally, meeting them where they are at, allowing their own consciousness and awareness to lead the way....and letting grace run through us, not from us. It is recognizing that they are the expert in their own healing-journey. We provide our healing gifts and then, get-out-of-the-way. We support, nourish and hold sacred space for all others to grow, heal and accept. How we work is how we live in this world and who we are...we heal ourselves in order to hold this space of healing for others.
my healing journey  +-
There is not one significant part of my healing journey/process...there have been many, throughout my life and will be many more. The process of change is reality, it is constant. Along the way, I used to think I was a “broken” person... but have learned that each difficult circumstance, each obstacle and heartbreak was only there to break me open, so that I may heal and grow. We are not broken, we are whole and complete as we are, at any given time. 
This discovery, along the way, allows un-doing and releasing that which does not serve us anymore. These greatest difficulties have been my best source of deep transformation, knowledge of who I really am and my purpose in this life.
Joy seems to come from within, not without, and my heart is the source of this joy and deeper knowing. I notice that humility, surrender and acceptance are my strengths, not my weaknesses. True vulnerability leads to authenticity as I grow, learn and allow my awareness and consciousness to expand. I am always a beginner and beginning on this path of life and healing.
I believe in something much bigger than I could imagine. I accept the mystery in life and the Love that is unconditionally always given to me, when I am aware. My work is a reflection of my learning and service to the greater good of All and the Source of this. All leads to the same place....Truth, Knowledge, Love and the highest sense.

i speak:

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services offered

life coachingmassage & bodywork therapiesreikispiritual healingyoga & movementayurvedic health counselorcoaching & counselinggentle hatha yoga, iyengar styleintegrative health & wellness nurse coaching
In addition to the offerings below I offer group workshops and retreats. Please contact me or browse events.
integrative health and wellness nurse coaching
10 min phone consultation
$0 per session
1st session evaluation
$110 per 90 minute session
follow-up visit
package: 4 follow-up 60 minutes sessions for $280. (Save $40)
$80 per 60 minute session
follow-up visit
usually done by phone
$40 per 30 minute session
private sessions
package: 4 sessions for $200. (Save $40)
$80 per 60 minute session
reiki level i training
$125 per certification
reiki level ii training
$165 per certification
10 min consultation
$0 per session
1st session evaluation
$110 per 90 minute session
follow-up visit
package: 4 follow-up 60 minute sessions for $280. (Save $40)
$80 per 60 minute session
follow-up visit
usually done by phone
$40 per 30 minute session
no scheduled events
training  +-
BSN in Nursing from Boston University School of Nursing 1975, Magna Cum Laude
Muscular Therapy Institute, Cambridge MA, 1998
Reiki Master Training, Libby Barnett, 2001
Fitness Resource Associates Yoga Teacher Training, 2004
The Upledger Institute Cranio-Sacral Therapy Level I Training 2005 and Healing from the Core/Grounding and Healthy Boundaries, 2006
Yoga Bodhi Teacher Training Classical Hatha Yoga-Iyengar Style RYT-200, 2009
Henry-Benson Mind/Body Medicine Training at MGH/Harvard Medical, 2009
International Nurse Coach Certificate Program(INCCP), 2012
Integrative Nurse Health and Wellness Board Certified Coach, NC-BC, 2013
Kripalu School of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2014
Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher RYT-500, 2015
HIPAA Training, 2014.
certifications  +-
RYT-500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance
Board Certified Nurse Coach(BC-NC);
licenses  +-
Licensed Registered Nurse in Massachusetts
Licensed Massage Therapist in Massachusetts
organizations  +-
American Holistic Nurses Association(AHNA)
International Nurse Coach Association(INCA)
National Ayurvedic Medicine Association(NAMA)
International Association of Yoga Therapists(IAYT)
American Massage therapy Association(AMTA).

left_quoteI had heard about Reiki before but never tried it. So when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, even though I was skeptical about Reiki, I thought I would try it out. My biggest fear at that time was the pain after the surgery and ongoing treatment thereafter. My boss at the time gave me Nancy’s contact information and recommended that I see her. My first session was a few weeks before my surgery. My first impression was how calm Nancy was and read more that immediately put me at ease. I wasn’t sure how I felt immediately after the session, but over the next few days I realized that I was not afraid of my surgery or my treatment and was ready to brave it all. It was a great feeling. There were a few more instances where I found it hard to overcome certain hurdles during my treatment and again Nancy did wonders for me. Being on a feeding tube for months, the transition to solid foods was very tough, until I had another session of Reiki and within a week I was able to eat.
My mom accompanied me on a couple of sessions and also took a class from her on how to do Reiki. She was able to do Reiki on me when I was unable to see Nancy.
Nancy has a very calming effect on me and has a wonderful ability to understand your emotional state. It would have been much harder for me to cope with everything if it wasn’t for Nancy’s love, support and healing power. Not only is she a great Reiki master but a wonderful human being. right_quote


left_quoteBeing coached has been an interesting process for me and in me. I felt comfortable from the beginning. We had to root around in the talking and the questions for some time before I noticed that I was remembering my dreams more...writing about them...bringing into the conversation for no clear reason - and sharing my stories, images, feelings and interpretations. Often I felt like I was just opening my lid and random pieces of my experience and read more musings would erupt and pile themselves all over the table in a heap.
Nancy would listen. Ask. Clarify. Restate. Offer a meditation or visualization, some centering - and maybe assignment for our next session. I would leave with gratitude for this time of being listened to, and for a companion in looking through whatever spilled out onto the table.I found myself listening to my own creative voice with more respect, following that voice rather than avoiding its urging. With surprise and wonder I began to show and share ideas and creations, voicing my own questions and answers within Nancyʼs presence and acceptance.
At some point, after a couple of months of mostly meetings, I realized what my experience of this process was: an awareness that Nancy wasnʼt there to fix me or to impose her Healing Agenda on me. With curiosity, I was finding my way to shift through ideas, memories, dreams, feelings and hopes myself - and what I needed and got from Nancy was a gentle and supportive witness who could hold space for me to do this shifting, reflecting and questioning. Her guidance and companioning came from asking me where my own inner guidance was pointing, rather than directing me herself. This is the greatest gift of all because it helps me bring confidence in my own capacity for self direction, growth and change. right_quote


left_quoteI have been a Reiki and yoga client of Nancy’s for several years. Nancy is a very gifted practitioner who imparts a spiritual wisdom in each session whether it’s Reiki or yoga. She is passionate about her profession and each session has left me energized and inspired. Nancy is continually educating herself. The more she learns the more she imparts to her clients. For those of us who like to separate ourselves from our crazy everyday lives, read more Reiki and yoga taken from Nancy are great spiritual learning experiences. I highly recommend her! right_quote


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