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where thought goes, energy flows in quantum healing  +-

“Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy.” – Deepak Chopra on Quantum Healing

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Quantum Healing is a term used for multi-dimensional healing that focuses beyond just our perceived physical dimension. We are all multi-dimensional beings whether we realize it or not, and have a conscious presence in other facets of reality that are equally real. It is an aspect of our mind’s consciousness that we normally do not tune in to. One ordinary example of another type of reality dimension is our nightly Dream Self who is able to fly and has abilities not associated with our normal waking self. When dreaming we are mostly present in other dimensions as we lose our conscious physical focus here.

definition of quantum healing  +-

All of our thoughts, feelings and emotions create constant changes in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. These quantum changes are what determine our state of health at any given time. The fundamental concept of quantum healing is the statement: Where thought goes, energy flows. When we hold empowering, harmonizing thoughts, the body mind spirit is supported to create vibrant healthy cells that maintain integrity and balance. When we have negative thoughts continually looping in our mind, we create a lower level of vibrational health and state of imbalanced energy flowing that sets the stage for illness and disease processes to develop. Quite literally, our thoughts create our reality.  Thoughts are consciousness.

When we are challenged by life, whether feeling stuck, blocked, ill, or unable to make important changes, Quantum Healing is able to access higher realms of information and energies from other dimensions that can then be made available in our physical dimension. Our physical dimension can be reached quite readily and our consciousness affected by working in these higher realms. A larger non-linear aspect of the Higher consciousness of the practitioner is able to tune into and interact with these other greater energies, frequencies and consciousness that are way beyond our left-brain linear minds. Solutions, information, and possibilities are unlimited within these higher dimensions. The bridge to these other dimensions is through our consciousness. On some dimension, the appropriate and helpful information exists to create profound shifts, healing and transformation for the person receiving it in this dimension. As these higher vibrational frequencies become available to our subtle bodies, our consciousness starts to shift with new, empowered thoughts and our complete reality system changes.

When we pray for ourselves or another person, we spontaneously tap into the quantum field of greater consciousness, information, and unlimited possibilities that are available in the universal mind/Source or multiverse. Healing can be received instantly but often there is a process that unfolds because the profound depth and layers involved are beyond what we comprehend in the physical dimension.

what to expect during a quantum healing session?  +-

Quantum Healing sessions can be done in person or by distance over the phone. Since all healing happens within relationship, practitioners first have a conversation about your concerns and issues and where you would like assistance focused.

During an in-person session, you lay fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner lightly places their hands on a neutral part of your body. The practitioner then enters into a particular focused consciousness to access these higher dimensions of energy.

If it is a phone session, you hang up the phone during the healing while you sit or lay comfortably. When finished the practitioner will call you back and have a final conversation.  You discuss your experience and any questions you might have. It is a good idea to be able to spend some quiet time by your self after the session and let the energy continue to integrate.

how does a long-distance quantum healing work?  +-

Long distance, or remote healing, works by understanding the oneness of creation. Everything is connected at the quantum level. Quantum physics understands that “the observer affects the observed.” This means that self, other, our world, and our universe, are always simultaneously connected. There is no time and space distance that exists in the quantum realm and focused healing thought/intent is instantaneous. Prayer is one form of focused intention. The person will receive the healing instantly but it may take time for the belief systems and patterns to shift in a way that is comfortable and aligned with Divine timing.

As Einstein understood, energy is matter, matter is energy. Thought and form are both expressions of consciousness. A healer is trained to enter into specific focused consciousness that is able to access the unlimited possibilities of wholeness for another person, already present in the quantum field that is not currently available. In our ordinary state of consciousness we have been trained to think in a linear fashion, that cause and effect are related. In the quantum realm everything is nonlinear and exists as a field of possibility and probability. It is beyond our mind’s ability to grasp the “how” of what is possible. Transformational healing becomes available as we trust the union between our human self and the Divine in creating a blueprint for our life; one that is beyond our wildest dreams.

frequently asked questions about quantum healing  +-

What sensations might I experience during a healing session?

While everyone is unique, the most common experience is deep inner relaxation. Some people may lightly doze or feel an expanded state of consciousness.

There may be swirling colors around you or fleeting images that might appear and have meaning for you.

You may feel energy in the form or heat or cold in a particular part of the body.

For some there is no immediate sensation but rather a gradual sense of building a new platform or inner foundation.

How often should I have a session?

This completely depends on what issues you are working on, but in general once a month allows for integration and shifts to occur. This should be discussed with your practitioner as each situation is individual.

Can this healing cause me any harm?

Absolutely no. The profound love and Divine wisdom that exists when accessing these dimensional realms of consciousness know exactly what we need for our support in ways that are beyond our limited comprehension.

sources of information  +-

To learn more about quantum healing we recommend the following:

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These links were used as sources of information in writing this page:

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