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In response to Spiritual transformation, the Ego can descend into fear, anxiety and more!

perspective change

What a life-changing, perspective shifting, 5 weeks I have had!

It started with my trip to Teotihaucán the end of September where I recognized with clarity who I have always been and who I am in the process of Becoming. I showed up in ways I never have before, both personally and professionally.

This acknowledgment of my own Souls path led to recognition and clearer intent of the purpose and function of Au Soleil Healing.

In response to my internal agreement to be Seen and Speak my Truth, I’ve been externally speaking and proclaiming my Good News into the world by:



  • writing the blog post about Teo and accepting the name of shamanic healer
  • updating my profile on the Au Soleil Healing website to reflect my current reality
  • celebrating with family and friends that a 7-year phase of my personal healing journey is behind me
  • gathering with my Au Soleil Healing colleagues to share my vision and put some internal changes into place for moving forward
  • continuing to support my Teo group in ways that are new to me
  • Placing the #MeToo tag on my FB page

In the background, of course, are all the other places I “show up” – for family, friends, clients, and other organizations important to me….Yeah, you know….and testing out the New way of Being in the midst of the Old.

All Good Stuff!

But…But…..But….yells the Ego-Self:

It’s NOT SAFE to be Seen.

What are you thinking????? Are you crazy?

What if X happens? Y? What about Z?

What will people think and say? Will they still like me, accept me? How will this change my relationship with Tom, Dick and Harriet?

The physical body chimes in, resisting the changes by locking up the lower back – not able to “move forward”. The spine, the brain, the nervous system is out of whack, trying to find its new alignment in a changed internal environment.

Old feelings and fears about money (a symbol of Power) and vulnerability show up.

Oh hello self-doubt and insecurity.

This morning, I recognize the grief.

Grief – because all change brings endings. And all endings require recognition and honoring before we can truly let the past go.

I can let the Ego-Self rule the day or I can tune into the True Divine Self. Fortunately, I’m able to (mostly) choose the latter instead of freaking out!

My coping mechanisms include:

  • meditation and sitting with these feelings without judgment
  • basic self-care – eating, drinking, sleeping
  • processing and sharing with long-time friends
  • seeing my holistic practitioners to sort out the body blocks
  • Retreating into my cave, preferably with my best friend/husband, for some tender loving care

And I write about the process. The opposite of the hiding my Ego wants me to do.

What about you? Have you had any big shifts lately? How do you respond? Please share.



Janeen Barnett is a BodyMindSpirit holistic practitioner and the Founder of Au Soleil Healing Inc. As an interpreter and translator between your body, soul and conscious mind, she helps you reconcile and release experiences for deep healing.

6 thoughts on “In response to Spiritual transformation, the Ego can descend into fear, anxiety and more!

  1. kristin kristin says:

    Lovely Jan and perfect!!!

  2. Beautiful! Love how you are showing up and being seen!

  3. Nancy Carlson says:

    Love your words and openness sweet Jan!!

  4. Judy Copp says:

    Loved reading this, dear soul. So happy you are spreading your wings!

  5. Melissa says:


  6. elise elise says:

    Just exhilarating and beautifully written…so very happy for you!!!

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