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“Shaman Girl – dancing between worlds” by Meghan Gilroy

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A few of my favorite quotes from Shaman Girl:
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“I want to kill. How is inducing me to want to kill someone part of the process of becoming more enlightened?”

“All of time unfolds. The beautiful. The brutal. The pleasure. The pain.”

“Crap. We are locked in Machu Picchu, with our llama friends.”

“So with a gleam in my eye, we stood back to back, like cowboys about to draw guns, on cue, we turned around. “Be nice….” Shaman Guy tried to cajole me.”

Shaman Girl – dancing between worlds by Meghan Gilroy is a fun, entertaining, raw, witty and honest memoir detailing Meghan’s heart-driven journey from overachieving Pittsburgh-raised good girl to shamanic healer trained in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz.

Meghan’s fine storytelling kept me laughing and crying with her as we traveled from white bread middle-class upbringing through personal heartbreak and life purpose crisis, introduction to the Toltec community and finally study with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Then on to meeting her Shaman Guy, marrying him on top the pyramids in Teotihuacan 2 weeks after their first date, and trekking back across the USA to Marblehead, MA, where we would become friends and colleagues. Though I knew the skeleton outline of the story already, having it fleshed it out was eye-opening.

Throughout the book, I was inspired and encouraged by the way Meghan shows us how to merge the muck with the magical, the mud with the mystical. It’s messy sometimes, and mind-blowing others.

Shaman Girl is a good read, regardless of whether you are looking for your own life purpose, curious about what it’s like to be an intimate part of a spiritual community, or you just want to find out how Meghan and Company get released from the locked gates of Macchu Picchu.

Gracias a Dios.

P.S. – Meghan will be leading a retreat on “The Secrets of Sacred Ceremony” in Teotihuacan from Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 2017. I will be joining her as part of the support team. 

If you are interested in coming to play with us, please email to be put on the First to Know details list. 


Janeen Barnett is a BodyMindSpirit holistic practitioner and the Founder of Au Soleil Healing Inc. As an interpreter and translator between your body, soul and conscious mind, she helps you reconcile and release experiences for deep healing.

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