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Have you ever felt as if you walk to the beat of your own drummer, live on a different planet, been called “weirdo”, or wondered why you could hear or see things no one else could? You’re probably one of us. Take our quiz and find out.

Choose the best answer to the following questions, then check your score at the bottom to see where you fall. Have a great question to add to the quiz? Email it to us.

1. You are at a dinner party. The person seated next to you says “I just found out I descended here from the constellation Cassiopeia!” Your immediate response resembles one of the following:

a) You tell them you descended from Andromeda and a lively discussion ensues
b) You ask them who they heard that from, and wonder what star you may have descended from
c)  You mumble something polite while thinking they might need to be sent to the crazy ward at the local hospital

2. Which of the following most closely resembles the circumstances surrounding your birth:

a) You were born in the middle of a major storm and when they plugged in your incubator it blew the electrical circuit to the entire nursery
b) You surprised even your mother with how quickly and easily you slipped into this world
c) To the best of your knowledge your birth was uneventful

3. In your home:

a) Every clock or small appliance you bring in stops working within days
b) Lights will blink on and off without warning when you walk by
c) You notice nothing extraordinary about your house

4. You have trouble understanding people who:

a) Can’t hear grass growing in the yard or understand flower languages
b) Don’t know the names of their guardian angels
c) Would rather watch clouds in the sky than the baseball game

5. When you were small you:

a) Had more imaginary friends than real ones and ascribed feelings to all your stuffed animals because they were “alive”
b) Couldn’t watch scary movies without having nightmares for days
c) Had trouble with writing assignments at school that required you use your imagination

6. You are walking down the street with a friend. A woman walks past you, going in the other direction. She is dressed in a long, blue dress with tiny flowers all over it, a long white apron, and a large, floppy straw hat with a wide ribbon. You turn to your friend and say:

a) Was she real or did we just slip over the line for a moment
b) Hmmm…I wonder where’s she going
c) Wow, that lady really needs to hire a wardrobe consultant

7. You are cleaning off your phone screen, and accidentally send a text to your friend.  It says “U Koyukuk Kuk Kuk”.  You:

a) Wonder what it means and what ancient language your subconscious may have been using to send the message
b) Remark what a beautiful, artistic arrangement of letters it is
c) Grumble and erase the message

8. You are in the midst of creating a new endeavor, and you open your mailbox to find a spider web across the entire front, with the spider sitting in the middle of the web.  You:

a) Say “hello” and tell it you got the point!  Then you ask it if it really needed to be in the mailbox! before you gently move the web, making sure not to kill the spider, apologizing for wrecking it’s handiwork, and ask it to please “move on”
b) Gently move the web, reflecting on the sacred geometry inherent in spider webs
c) Scream and run away, or yell at the spider and kill it

9.  You are having a baby.  How would you choose a name for your child?

a) A psychic friend channels the name of a goddess for you or you pick one with deep meaning, most likely relating to God, enlightenment or universal Wisdom
b) You believe in tradition and nothing short of a family name will do
c) You look up the most popular names on the internet and pick one that is hot with celebrities

10.  You’re planning a girlfriend getaway. Where are you most likely to go?

a) A silent retreat with time for ecstatic dance, journaling, healthy vegetarian food, walks in the woods, a little time to make art – and yes chatting
b) A nice relaxing trip to the beach with a pile of books sounds wonderful
c) Vegas baby! Time to party with some booze & fun

11.  When you encounter a problem in life, which of the following is more likely to be your perspective?

a) A past life experience is definitely a factor
b) No doubt it started in utero, which you can remember
c) Life is hard. My family of origin was dysfunctional. There’s nothing I can do about it.

12.  Who are your closest friends?

a) A psychic, an energy healer, a massage therapist, and a Reiki master. You have unbelievable coincidences and connections with each of them and their families.
b) People from elementary school, high school or the moms from your child’s school
c) Only accountants, lawyers, and doctors or other well-respected professions

A=10 points
B=7 points
C=5 points

Your score and what it means:
Add up the total number of questions and multiply by 10.
80% of the  total = You’re completely crazy, you should definitely join us.
50 – 80% = You’re wacky weird, so we think you should come in and share the fun.
less than 50% = We’re not sure about you, you seem to be on the fringe, but you made it this far and you’re still reading, so you should consider joining.
Having trouble with the math?  Give yourself 50 extra bonus points and come on in!


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