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Teotihaucán – a life changing experience with a surprise ending.


The place where wo/man awakens to become God/dess.

“Thousands of years ago, a group of spiritual masters called the Toltecs converged in central Mexico and created a city that was purposefully designed and laid out as a living roadmap for spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Each stone, plaza and complex was infused with their energy and wisdom and acted as a university for spiritual seekers who desired to live fully embodied and in balance: body, mind and spirit.

Through a secret oral tradition, the knowledge of shamanic healing and spiritual transformation was passed down for generations, as archeological ruins overtook the area.

Then, as prophecy predicted, don Miguel Ruiz, a direct descendent of the ancient Toltecs, brought this practical and deeply spiritual information to the modern world in the New York Times best-selling book, The Four Agreements, and reawakened the energy that had been dormant in Teotihuacán for centuries.”
– Secrets to Sacred Ceremonies retreat literature


Familiar, in a sense.

I have heard much about Teo from Meghan Gilroy, a Shamanic Healer and the Sacred Ceremonies retreat leader, during the years we’ve known each other. After all, she studied with don Miguel Ruiz for over a decade and he named her a “shaman and spiritual leader for the next generation.” Through her, I am familiar with, and know some members of, the modern day Toltec community.

In addition, my daughter and other friends experienced Teo through retreats with Meghan and told me about some of their experiences.

But when Meghan asked me to co-facilitate this retreat with her I had my doubts.

I kept repeating, to her and to myself:

I have never been to Teo. I have never been on a spiritual retreat, let alone been a co-facilitator of one. Are you sure about this? Am I?

Playing in the background of whether or not I would Just say Yes to this opportunity were the rumblings of what I had been feeling for several months – my desire to embark on a new and deeper professional path. Yet, I wasn’t sure which avenue to choose.

I could explore through the lens of Polarity Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, or Shamanic Healing. Perhaps something else entirely?

Every time I asked for Divine Guidance in choosing my next step, I was told: “Be patient. Go to Teo, then everything will become clear.”

In the end, I followed my intuition and Spirit Guides’ nudging and made plans to accompany Meghan and my fellow co-facilitators to Mexico. After all, I reasoned, she and I have co-created a myriad of other things together, including professional events and sacred ceremonies. There was already an element of trust in following her to her spiritual home. Even when a devastating earthquake shook Mexico City a few days before my departure I wasn’t truly concerned. Nervous, yes, but with an overriding sense of calm.



Armed with my knowledge of Teo and why it was designed the way it was, I was still soundly unprepared for the reality of Its intense energy that was apparent as soon as I touched down.

There are thin places on Earth, where the physical space/time divisions and boundaries of All that Is become blurred and it’s easier to navigate between the dimensions. The Camino de Santiago is one. Teotihuacán is another.

Like the Camino, Teo will both challenge you with deep knowledge of where you are living out of alignment with your Soul purpose, and provide everything you need to walk into the dark places and come out the other side. It will have you pouring out your guts onto the ancient stones; it will watch as you re-arrange them and work out how you might put them back; then rejoice with you when you dance in the regained Freedom of your own True Self.

As Shamana Meghan skillfully led our group of 18 women around and through Teo, we created, re-created and co-created ourselves and our sacred ceremonies. We crept and crawled, we ran, we cried, we laughed, we danced and drummed, we lifted each other up so we could soar. We stepped into our Power. We found abilities for hands-on and spiritual healing we didn’t know we had.

Professionally, it stretched me.

On one hand, it was both exhausting and exhilarating to alternate between being a speaker, teacher, hands-on practitioner, and a designer and holder of Sacred space! It was a balancing act to assess and address the needs of the rest of the group while not neglecting my own. I experienced first hand the potential for deep transformation that is present in a multi-faceted group with a shared purpose, open minds and receptive hearts.

On the other hand, Divine energy blasted open new channels to my third eye (6th chakra) so the way I experience energy and receive intuitive information has expanded and changed. I’m still adapting to this shift, both in my work and my daily life.

But most importantly, I believe, I received and acted upon the message of clarity on who I Am in the process of Becoming. Through thought, word, deed, sacred ceremony, and Meghan’s invitation, I claimed a part of myself that has gone unnamed until now:

I am a Shamanic Healer in the Toltec tradition, through the lineage of dona Meghan Gilroy and don Miguel Ruiz.

It is not all that I am, for I go by many names, but it is a welcome piece of the Whole.

Looking back, I realize I have been attuned to indigenous medicine and shamanic healing for all my life. When I was introduced to Meghan over a decade ago, she became my guide, mentor and teacher, albeit in an informal manner. It was only a matter of time until we recognized it.


Part of my Soul’s Journey Home.

Blessed be to All that Is. Totality.


Janeen Barnett is a BodyMindSpirit holistic practitioner and the Founder of Au Soleil Healing Inc. As an interpreter and translator between your body, soul and conscious mind, she helps you reconcile and release experiences for deep healing.

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3 thoughts on “Teotihaucán – a life changing experience with a surprise ending.

  1. Elizabeth Donahue says:

    Inspiring to read about your journey and revelation as you piece together the amazing person that you are and evolving/growing spirit within you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amanda Given says:

    Thanks Jan. Will there be more retreats to Teo? Amazing unleashing for you. Sooo thrilled for you. When can I come in. 😇😘

  3. Cyndy Noel says:

    Thanks for sharing about your experience, Janeen. I’m with Elizabeth re the amazing person that you are. Seems like it’s time for us to be uncovering the hidden aspects of our family, which you’re modeling so beautifully. ♥

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