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what is healing?

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Everyday events – stress at work, drama at home, bills, relationship challenges – have the ability to pull us in many different directions and upset our overall balance. Major losses or traumatic experiences – illness, death of a loved one, house move or career change for example, can send us reeling. Healing is when we restore our Selves to a place of balance. True healing is returning to Wholeness on all levels including, but not limited to, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Everything in motion seeks equilibrium, so there is always the possibility for change and shifting to occur. We always have a deep desire to be in harmony with our Higher Self and with our surroundings. We can often come back into balance without external help, but not always; there are times when we need extra support and nourishment to do so.

There are as many different paths to achieving Wholeness as there are individuals, each path has its own intrinsic value in the final process. We may benefit from different paths or approaches throughout our lives, but the ultimate responsibility for the path we choose, and its results, resides with Us.

The BodyMind has an innate and infinite ability to heal itself, and it is our role as Au Soleil Healing Practitioners to create the sacred space and place and support the process of those who come to us. We work with the intention of respecting each individual’s path and belief system, regardless of our own, meeting you where you are, supporting your course, and encouraging you in your ability to care for yourself.