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why we’re unique

Au Soleil Healing is unique.  Here’s why:

We are a Spiritual Healing Center.  We are not a wellness center or spa.  All practitioners either offer spiritual healing techniques, or at least respect that the BodyMind can’t be separated from the Spirit, and recognize healing happens on all levels.

We are “traditional with a twist”.  We honor the Au Soleil core values of humility, wisdom, truth, love, charity, hope and faith, in our life and work, while remaining open to and maintaining respect for all spiritual paths, without judgment as to whom or which may be “more enlightened” or “chosen”.

We are not a “network”. We are an intentional community, not merely a professional network you can join by paying money.  All of our professional practitioners have been approved through a thorough application process that includes verification of our credentials, reputation, and background.

We have an intuitive, communal leadership model.  Our Founder, Founders Circle and Team Members understand, use or respect a decision-making model that includes the intuitive process.  This can take form in multiple ways, including listening to Guidance from Source, tuning in to how a decision feels in the physical body, and dreaming/visioning together.