you can’t make it up

No, you really just can’t make this stuff up.  You know what I mean – those little “coincidences” that sprinkle through life reminding us that we’re not Alone!

Like when you’re thinking about your Aunt Caroline who passed away 10 years ago today and how much you miss her, and a car passes you in the left lane of the highway bearing a vanity license plate that reads “carol”, issued by the state of, where else, but North Carolina!

Or how every year on your Dad’s birthday you know you’re going to wake up and find pennies, nickles and dimes scattered across your bedroom floor.

Or maybe you’re talking to your cousin about your next visit to your home state, and how you’re not planning on telling many people you’re coming because you don’t have a lot of extra time, and it just gets too complicated, and peoples feelings get hurt.  Within seconds a text message comes through on your phone from a close friend that says “Hey, when are you planning your next trip out here?  We miss you, we’d love to see you.  Call me.”

Giggle, giggle, giggle, sigh…

Do you have a “don’t believe in coincidences” moment of your own?  We’d love to hear it –

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  • The new Au Soleil Healing website went live on 10.12.14. If you add the numbers together like this they become “9”. If you add 10.12.2014, they become “11”. According to the Sacred Scribe Angel Number website these are the inherent meanings in these two numbers:

    9 = Universal Spiritual Laws, Karma, spiritual enlightenment and awakening, being a positive example for others, Lightworking, leadership, inner-wisdom and your soul mission. Number 9 also relates to conclusions and endings. It is a sign from the angels that your life path and soul mission involve being of service to humanity through the use of your natural skills and talents.

    11 = The karmic Master Number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination, visionary, enthusiasm, creative/creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism. It is a message from your angels to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude will manifest your desires and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations. They will also assist you upon your spiritual life purpose and soul mission.

    Happy Birthday, Au Soleil Healing. You just can’t make these golden threads up.